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Author:   raiden1701
Date:   Oct 10, 08 at 4:04pm (PST)
Subject:   Playlists aren't correct
Problem #1

I used to use Ephpod on my old Ipod classic 1st Gen. All I had to do was add whole folders with other folders in it and then just select 'make playlists for all folders' and most were fine.
I now have the newest iPod Nano 16gb. So I have to use iTunes or Mediamonkey. With iTunes it seems that I have to make a playlist first, then add my folder into it. This takes way more time than just dropping folders onto the iPod and selecting 'make playlists for all folders', which iTunes or Mediamonkey don't seem to have. Also, even though all my folders start with the date of the album and all files are numbered in the file name, these programs still put everything in alphabetical order.

Problem #2

I can't get rid of my tags. I deleted them all with MP3Tag v2.41, but iTunes and Mediamonkey still recognize the old tags, even when they're not present when I look at my MP3's in properties. I had to get rid of the tags because so many were wrong and it seemed to confuse iTunes, etc.

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