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Author:   lite taker
Date:   Jun 21, 08 at 6:12am (PST)
Subject:   A probable hack for iPod nano games(3rd gen)?
If anyone has bought "legitimate" iPod nano 3rd generation games from iTunes or anywhere else, please, pah-lease, share the .ipg game file with us here. I know that it is of no use since I can't activate it without your account info, but I think I have a hack that may work for at least some games.

So, please share your ipod nano 3rd gen games .ipg file if you have, so that we can help hack it and let others play at least some games without buying it for their iPods. Please help me test this hack

Thanks in advance

Author:   Master of the VG
Date:   Jun 23, 08 at 1:09am (PST)
Subject:   Thread Closed
The discussion of warez is not permitted on the forums. Please do not request any more games on the message boards.

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