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Author:   BLinK0
Date:   Jan 14, 08 at 3:27am (PST)
Subject:   Ipod Problem
Ok, yesterday I got a laptop. So today I d/l iTunes onto it. Then I plug my iPod in. (Note: I've also used my iPod on a few other computers besides the main one I used it on, and each time it was able to bring up all of my songs and I was able to put stuff from their computer on my iPod.) (Note #2, i've also had my 30gb video ipod for almost 3 years, and haven't had any problems before this.)

Anywho, I plug it into my laptop, but when it shows up on iTunes, none of my music is showing up, nothing is. But my iPod file is, and it even shows that I have like a 1/4 of space left, but nothing besides that is showing up. I do this update for my iPod, then still nothing. Then I eject it, to find out that there is absolutley nothing on my ipod (this was about 15 minutes after I plugged it into my computer, at that time I still had everything on my ipod).

Luckily, besides about 200 songs, I had everything else backedup on my parent's computer. So I put all of those songs on itunes, but I cannot drag the songs from the itunes library to my ipod folder.


Edit: i may try putting all that music on a flashdrive, and putting it on the itunes on my new comptuer and see if it works, but not tonight i'll try it tomarrow.

Author:   Special K
Date:   Jan 14, 08 at 3:55am (PST)
Subject:   re: Ipod Problem
The iTunes software was designed to prevent file-sharing by preventing music from being copied from the iPod into iTunes. When you updated your iPod, it replace the library from your old computer (all your songs on your iPod) with the library on your new computer (empty). I would suggest copying your library file to your new computer, and reloading it into iTunes. Then update your iPod.

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