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Author:   goldensteelix
Date:   Dec 1, 07 at 5:41pm (PST)
Subject:   iPod Playtime Error
When I'm playing any song on my iPod, the time is screwed up on the song. Even if the song just begun the iPod will say its 1:21 into the song and its frozen at that time. It simply doesn't change. Songs play and everything its just the blue time bar thats screwy. Say the song is 2:42 seconds long it will show, "1:21" on the right with "-1:21" remaining.

Author:   DCRage
Date:   Dec 1, 07 at 6:28pm (PST)
Subject:   re: iPod Playtime Error
Try first updating your iPod software to the current version, a new version (1.2.3) was released in the last 3 days or so.

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