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Author:   Jimbo999
Date:   Oct 20, 07 at 5:49pm (PST)
Subject:   iTunes Help.

I Have a Red Hot Chili Peppers Stadium something CD and i have it on iTunes but iTunes cannot find any artwork for Mars but if i search on the Internet i can find images but there not the same as the Jupiter artwork so is there a way to copy iTunes artwork than save it then open it for Mars CD?

Author:   0172
Date:   Oct 20, 07 at 6:17pm (PST)
Subject:   re: iTunes Help.
Not to my knowledge. You can't get any artwork files from the iTunes store. You are going to either: Deal with the different artwork, or purchase a song from the album from iTunes and then use that artwork.

If you choose to buy a song, once it's done downloading and all that, when the artwork is up in the viewer, just click and drag to the desktop to get a clipping. From there, just drag the clipping onto each of the songs from the original album. Then, if you choose to, delete the song (Then of course that would mean $1.07 just for some artwork.)

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