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Author:   tyranitar24
Date:   Jul 5, 05 at 12:49am (PST)
Subject:   Upgrading your weapons?
I don't know exactly if this is a weopon or not? I think not. It's called buyip. It helps your weapons.

You'll be able to upgrade your boomerangs using items called bunyip stones that you'll come across in your journeys, which can give your weapons various abilities. Examples include fire, ice, and lightning powers, as well as modifiers to the boomerangs' capabilities, like speed and the distance they can be thrown.
Well I am glad that they are doing this. It going to be cool to see the weapons with fire,ice and lightning powers.

What do you think of this?

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Author:   Yoda skywalker
Date:   Sep 10, 05 at 11:51pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Upgrading your weapons?
seems like it only lasts for that level, like, for a few minutes to help you. but I think you can still upgrade them a different way.

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Author:   Saphira_6o5
Date:   Feb 19, 07 at 6:54pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Upgrading your weapons?
The Bunyip stones stay with the boomarang until you decide to change it. For instance, if you put a firestone on your boomarang, it will catch fire and when you throw it at enemies, it will burn them. If you put two on, when you throw it, a firey shockwave will come out and burn all the enimies around it. Same thing with the water, air, and earth stones. Happy throwing!!

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