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Author:   Inferno Boy
Date:   Aug 31, 10 at 1:23am (PST)
Subject:   Create your own Pokemon Game!
This is where you can make your own Pokemon Game! Please include:

Name of Game
New Legendary Pokemon
Old Legendary Pokemon
Gym Leaders with Pokemon
Pokemon League with Pokemon
Possibly a Map of the Region

I will make mine soon!

Date:   Aug 31, 10 at 8:26am (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Pokemon Game!
Wouldn't this be classed as a game thread or something like that?
If that's the case, then you would need permission from the moderator to make this.

Author:   Superboop
Date:   Aug 31, 10 at 9:10am (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Pokemon Game!
I don't think it is a game thread, but who knows?

(Not my picture, somebody made it)

Path to the Unown

Region: Jhoto, Katra, Unraknown.


Being an ordinary kid, you have gone on vacation on Violet city. While you enjoy your stay, one day there was a giant explosion near the town. Wondering what that was, you go and find out that the ruins of alph have collapsed. Being a curious kid, you investigate. Finding that there is a small gap in the ruins, you go in, and there is an Unown. But, this Unown was a new type, that was not discovered. SO maybe this guy knows what happened, you think, and ask the Unown what happened. The Unown tells you that you are unworthy of knowing the truth. At the end, you go back to Violet City, wondering about how to convince the Unown. You coincidentally bump into Bugsy, who was going to the ruins. After some talking, Bugsy gives you an ancient book about Unown. Looking through the book, you see 28 Unowns. At the back cover though, you see the new type of Unown. Below it, however, a word was getting engraved: It said you have to require the Katron Blood. You realize that this is what was needed to convince the Unown. Trying to get it, he/she returns to Katra and sets out on a journey.

After the Katra Blood was obtained, you go back to the Ruins of Alph, which is still destroyed, and go to the gap. However, the Unown is not there. Instead, you accidentally walk into this void, sending you into the Unraknown. You quickly discover that the 29+ Unowns was captured by Arceus, which was forcefully controled by Katron. You quickly head to save the Unowns, save Arceus, and kill Katron.

Gym Leaders:

1. Bugsy- Bug
2. Platinum Statue- Steel
3. Head Scientist- Psychic
4. Military Officer- Dragon
5. Galactica- Dark
6. D1Ω3- Electric
7. Devoid- Ghost
8. Rival- ???


1. Onyx Dragon- Dragon
2. Military General- Fire
3. Alphatica- Dark
4. ∑†πΩ- Steel

Champion: Katron- ???

Date:   Aug 31, 10 at 10:16am (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Pokemon Game!
quote Superboop
I don't think it is a game thread, but who knows?
Hence me saying "or something like that."

Doesn't really matter what it is. If it gets closed, it gets closed. If it stays open, it stays open.

Author:   Millennium Master
Date:   Aug 31, 10 at 12:48pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Pokemon Game!
Before this stays open or ends up closed I have to say I like the look of that Path to the Unknown game even though it's made up.

Author:   Master1234
Date:   Sep 17, 10 at 7:33am (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Pokemon Game!
I want ideas for a pokemon game please give me some ideas . if you wish to send something please include the:


Possibly Picture of cover



Possibly Map of regeon

gym leaders and their pokemon

elite 4 and pokemon

thank you:)

Author:   DragonMaster ACCLAIM
Date:   Sep 17, 10 at 10:04am (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Pokemon Game!
Name of Game: Pokémon Elite Version
New Legendary Pokémon: Dragozard, Nijiryuu, Fenghuang, Heavenquaker, Terrasaurus Rex, Hinakaze, Dragonaurus
Old Legendary Pokémon: Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres
Gym Leaders with Pokémon:

1. The leader of the Moku Village gym, a samurai who specializes in the use of Dark-type Pokémon (Team: Zoroark, Spiritomb, Weavile, Warubiaru, Absol, Tyranitar)
2. The leader of the Magma Town gym, a trainer who specializes in the use of the Sunny Day weather as well as the various effects this weather provides (Team: Ninetales, Shiftry, Houndoom, Tangrowth, Exeggutor, Arcanine)
3. The leader of the Desert City gym, a trainer who specializes in the use of the Sandstorm weather effect as well as the various effects this weather provides (Team: Hippowdon, Cradily, Scizor, Gigaisu, Rhyperior, Garchomp)
4. The leader of the Mountain City gym, a trainer who specializes in the use of a heavily offensive-oriented battling style (Team: Marowak, Machamp, Ursaring, Tentacruel, Charizard, Tauros)
5. The leader of the Ice City gym, a trainer who specializes in the use of the Hail weather effect as well as the various effects this weather provides (Team: Abomasnow, Froslass, Forretress, Tsunbeaa, Mamoswine, Walrein)
6. The leader of the Solar Beach gym, the Fourth Prince of the Pokéian Royal Family, who specializes in the use of a heavily defensive-oriented battling style (Team: Snorlax, Starmie, Tentacruel, Skarmory, Umbreon, Ampharos)
7. The leader of the Hidden Village of Pokémon gym, a ninja who specializes in the use of Rain Dance as well as the various effects this weather provides (Team: Politoed, Gamageroge, Ludicolo, Kabutops, Kingdra, Daikenki)
8. The leader of both the Dragon City gym (a position he gained after murdering the previous leader of that gym shortly before the player arrives at that city) as well as Team Dragon, the villainous organization of this game. Drag specializes in the use of Dragon Pokémon (Team: Charizard, Kangaskhan, Lapras, Steelix, Aerodactyl, Dragonite)

Pokémon League with Pokémon:

1. An Elite Four member who specializes in the use of Steel-type Pokémon (Team: Empoleon, Magnezone, Scizor, Lucario, Gigigear, Metagross)
2. An Elite Four member who specializes in the use of Psychic-type Pokémon (Team: Wobbuffet, Starmie, Exeggutor, Gardevoir, Gallade, Alakazam)
3. An Elite Four member who specializes in the use of Flying-type Pokémon (Team: Crobat, Gliscor, Skarmory, Aakeosu, Gyarados, Salamence)
4. An Elite Four member who specializes in the use of Normal-type Pokémon (Team: Porygon-Z, Baffuron, Wargle, Blissey, Slaking, Togekiss)
5. The Pokémon League Champion, Drag, who is also the leader of Team Dragon as well as the Dragon City gym (for a short period of time). He is recognized as the Pokémon League Champion out in the open, while he works to fulfil his own evil goal within the shadows, as the leader of Team Dragon. He once again specializes in the use of Dragon Pokémon (Team: Charizard, Ononokusu, Lapras, Steelix, Sazando, Dragonite)

A Map of the Region:

Author:   Superboop
Date:   Sep 23, 10 at 12:03pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Pokemon Game!
Pokemon: The Soul's Wish

Region: Latan

Story: Ever since prehistory, it was the human's instinct and tradition to hunt the Lati tribe down and destroy them. Before, there had been thousands in the tribe. In present day, however, there are scarcely any remaining. When human thought the Lati Tribe was erased from history, they decided that it was over, and went completely unaware of the tribe. Meanwhile, the remaining of the tribe would keep the souls of the deceased through the Soul Dew. At last, all was at peace.. until recently. 2 more of the Lati tribes were discovered: Latios and Latias. People from all over the world are trying to hunt them down and exterminate them from the world. Thinking that destroying them is the wrong thing to do, you try to express it to the townspeople. They think it was a ridiculous idea, and ignore it. Feeling miserable, you had no way to do anything to stop.

Soon, however, you and your friend was brought to a professor. He said his job was a professor in the town, researching the environment and pokemon. He gives you 1 out of the 3 pokemon. Your rival gets one as well. When you and your friend gets your pokemon, the professor said he will make you two stronger, more important in history.. not knowing what that means, you obtain missions from the professor, and the two became stronger and stronger. But still, something was strange. Something didn't seem right. The professor was into souls, the Lati Tribe, extermination, etc. You finally think that this went too far, and decided to go venture out in your way. Your friend, however, wants to keep getting training from the professor. Your friend insults you or thinking that the professor could possibly do something terribly wrong, and ditches you. They have become rivals.

And so, with your humble pokemon, you have to rebel against the killing of Latios and Latias. Soon enough, you meet the Resistance, with the same objective of you: To rebel against the killing. They decided to teach you, and train you. What you have learned was that there was a treasure called the Soul Dew, and it could make the Lati Tribe flourish when a human who trusts them gains control of the Soul Dew. When you get strong enough, they let you out, having the sign of Resistance. And thus, you have to travel through and get the Soul Dew.

One question, though: How do you get the Soul Dew? After some traveling and learning, it has come down to the fact that you had to ask the professor. Although the professor was sinister and somewhat strange, you had to admit that he was a smart person. You decide to ask him. He asks you a favor before he tells you. After you do the favor, he says the temple of ___ (haven't decided yet) had the answer. You went to the temple, and the people say you require the Tribe's ring to unlock the gateway to the Soul Dew. Now, where's the Tribe's ring? They say the answer is in the dungeon of the temple. In the dungeon, a lone Lati Soul remains here. He approves your trust and says that it is acquired through getting the Regis. Each Regi had a maze in them, and you had to defeat them in order to get approval. When you got 3 approvals, you finally get the Tribe's ring. They said there was one restriction: You needed 4 badges, which you had. When you go back up to the temple, though, you see your friend heavily wounded. Although he was your bitter rival, you had no choice but to take them to the nearest hospital. Your friend says that you were indeed right and the professor was a wicked person to destroy the tribe himself. He decided to help you to acquire the Tribe's ring.

When you finally acquire the tribe's ring, you say we can finally get the Soul Dew. Your friend smirks, and say: "We? What do you mean, we?" Your friend tells you that it was all a plot and he was a follower of the professor himself, trying to destroy the tribe. He tries to steal the Tribe's ring from you, because if the Soul Dew was obtained with a person who is willing to destroy the tribe, the tribe will become extinct. The two causes a massive fight. When you finally win, though, the professor assults you, making you faint. The professor laughs at your face, taking the Tribe's Ring away.

You wake up in the hospital, and you had to take the ring back. You knew that your friend and the professor would go to the Southern Island, which was where the Soul Dew was. The Resistance was not worried, though, because they said that the ring had a secret code in it, which they didn't know about, thus getting them inaccessible to the Soul Dew. But you knew, therefore you could gain access. The Resistance also said you needed 8 badges as a sign of strength, which you also had. When you recover, you headed to the Southern Island, first by ship, however due to accidents it sank. You had no choice but to ask someone to fly for him, who challenged you to a battle. Finally, you reach the Southern Island. When you headed there, you saw that the friend was trying the ring to open the Southern Castle, which had the Soul Dew in it. The doors didn't open, which they were surprised. At the right timing, you ambushed the friend, with a pokemon fight, to get back the ring. You open the door using the secret and head to the Southern Castle, heading to the room with the Soul Dew. When you entered the room, the professor assulted you again, saying that you cannot gain control of the Soul Dew. The massive fight began. (The Professor is like the boss of the evil syndicate)
When you lose, the professor will go straight to the Soul Dew, when you win, the professor tackles you so you cannot move, then gets the Soul Dew. Before he gains control, however, Latios and Latias appears, trying to stop the professor. They end up stopping him. With the Lati Tribe sense they are in critical danger, they use the master plan; to release all souls to the world, destroying humans, in revenge. Your friend has come, so furious of the professor, your friend ended up killing him, disgracing him.

The castle was crumbling down, you had to escape. When you escaped, though, you saw thousands of Latis roaming through the continent, genociding every human on sight. It was no exaggeration to say complete chaos, complete war. This wasn't what anyone wanted. They wanted death to them, or the flourish. With the Soul Dew broken down and the souls in them released, there seemed to be only one way now: To gain control of the master Lati. It was back to square one, the competition of you and your friend, whoever got the Lati master first.

You didn't know where to go, though. You recounted your steps: House, resistance, temple.. That was it, the temple. The people of the temple said you had to simply go to the Batewar Island, which was where the pokemon in the continent originally came from. You quickly headed there, but it was too late. Or was it? Your friend was there, but he didn't seem to be battling anything. He was just huddled, together.. When you talked to him, he said he realised the wrongs he has done and he wanted a normal life. Your friend exclaimed that he killed so many people; the professor, people at the temple, and most people in the Resistance. He didn't know what he had done at that time, but he decided that destroying was the wrong thing to do, and took your side. You two venture in the island, until they met the Lati master.. at that point, your friend loses his control and turns back to the previous self, trying to destroy the Lati. But the legendary soul was faster. It grabbed control of him as a soul, deformed into a complete devil. "You cannot stop the tribe, fools, we shall take revenge once and for all." The Lati devil roared.

You knew you had to destroy the devil, but there was one catch; killing him would mean destroying your friend's soul, which would mean your friend's death. Your friend tells you in your mind to kill the devil, he didn't care, his life was now meaningless.. it was hurtful, but you managed to destroy the lati devil and its backups. You saw your friend for the last time, soaring away to the sky. The latis now gained self control; they were being controlled by the master all along. And now, humans and the tribe could finally live in harmony, in peace..

That was longer than I expected.

Gym Leaders (They're not even gyms, because the game is bodering around the plot) and also, your friend also collects gym badges

1. Master Guard - Dark
- Poochyena Lv 8
-Houndour Lv 12

2. Resistance (You) / Professor (Friend) - Fight
- Machop Lv 16
- Tyrogue Lv 17
- Makuhita Lv 16

3. Electric Generator - Electric
- Magnemite Lv 19
-Electabuzz Lv 24
-Raichu Lv 20

4. Temple Guardian - Rock
- Golem Lv 29
-Rhyhorn Lv 28
- Aerodactyl Lv 29

5. Ninja Sensei - Ghost
- Haunter Lv 33
- Dusclops Lv 31
- Shedinja Lv 33

6. Sailor Captain - Water
- Gyarados Lv 36
- Milotic Lv 36
- Starmie Lv 35
- Walrein Lv 36

7. Pilot - Flying
- Crobat Lv 41
- Skarmory Lv 39
- Charizard Lv 40
- Scizor Lv 41

8. Southern Soul - Dragon
- Salamence Lv 48
- Dragonite Lv 46
- Flygon Lv 47
- Latias Lv 49
- Latios Lv 49

Elite 4

1. Beta Guardian - Steel
- Fortress Lv 48
- Metagross Lv 51
- Magneton Lv 49
- Registeel Lv 50
- Skarmory Lv 51

2. Meta Guardian - Ice
- Regice Lv 56
- Walrein Lv 54
- Swampert Lv 54
- Articuno Lv 55
- Lapras Lv 54

3. Omega Guardian - Fire
- Entei Lv 59
- Typlosion Lv 57
- Moltres Lv 58
- Charizard Lv 57
- Blaziken Lv 57

4. Alpha Guardian - Psychic
- Latias Lv 63
- Latios Lv 63
- Claydol Lv 60
- Mewtwo Lv 62
- Espeon Lv 60

Champion - Lati Devil
- Latias Lv 70
- Latios Lv 70
- Lugia Lv 67
- Ho-oh Lv 68
- Rayquaza Lv 69
- Mewtwo Lv 69

Author:   yoshigod9753
Date:   Sep 24, 10 at 7:42pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Pokemon Game!
Pokemon Clear Crystal Version

Region: Volcan.

Gym Ledaers and Pokemon

Elite 4

Author:   Bunneenee
Date:   Sep 25, 10 at 2:08am (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Pokemon Game!

Author:   Skullboy
Date:   Apr 21, 11 at 8:48am (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Pokemon Game!
Name of game: Pokémon Phyllite

Story: Many years have passed since team rocket have shown their face. They have been hiding away, waiting for their break, and finally it has come! A new region has been discovered, teeming with new Pokémon. This region is Terra! People flocked to the region to populate it, and everything seemed to good to be true. But it didn't last. Team Rocket soon migrated and expanded; taking over almost a whole quarter of Terra, and that is not all. Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Hurricanes, Blizzards and Lightning storms are decimating the region and its people. The gods have become angry. It's time to take a stand. You are the hero, born and raised in Kings-foil town, plotting out on an epic journey that will not only bring peace to the land, but also give you a whole new look at Pokémon!

Regions: You start off in Terra (Obviously) and when you complete the epic and long journey you can go to Sinnoh or Unova, where you can start a whole new journey (the Pokémon are nearly all level 100 so you have to be careful.)

Starters: Tumbleweed, Pandrop and Sparkoal

New Rare Pokémon: Hydrak (Water/ Dragon) Level 60
Sinkhole (Ground/Dark) Level 60
Ventava (Fire/ Rock) Level 60
Teyephoon (Flying/ Water) Level 60
Blizzmind (Ice/ Psychic) Level 60
Astraphobia (Electric/ Ghost) Level 60
Virtue (Psychic/ Dragon) Level 100
Hierarchy (Dark/ Dragon) Level 100
Anarchy (Ghost/Dragon) Level 100
Abomacreation (??? / Dragon) Level 100

Old Rare Pokémon: Darkrai Level 80
Cresselia Level 80
Arceus Level 100
Kyremu Level 100
Genosect Level 100
Victini Level 100

Gym leaders: Sunshine (Fire Leader): Charmole (Fire/Normal) Level 12
Cleocat (Fire/Electric) Level 15

Rocky (Rock Leader): Orenament (Rock) Level 20
Balboa (Rock/ Fighting) Level 22

Volta (Electric Leader): Starsrukk (Electric / Physic) Level 29
Shockorb (Electric) Level 28
Pondillo (Grass/ Fighting) Level 29

Fern (Grass leader): Vileroot (Grass/ Poison) Level 35
Fun-gas (Grass/ Poison) Level 34
Ferndillo (Grass/ Fighting) Level 36

Bruce (Poison Leader): NightScare (Ghost/Poison) Level 44
Scaregrow (Grass/ Poison) Level 46

Titanium (Steel Leader): Armourbrawl (Steel/ Fighting) Level 50
Knightanium (Dark/ Steel) Level 49
Steamguin (Fire/Steel) Level 50

Hex (Psychic Leader): Lockroach (Bug/ Psychic) Level 56
Pharoar (Fire/ Psychic) level 58
A-Nile-Ator (Electric/ Psychic) Level 57
Sunrah (Psychic/ Fire) Level 59
Luncifer (Psychic/ Water) Level 59

Plasma (Ghost Leader): Poulterhiest (Ghost) Level 65
Datarace (Steel/ Ghost) Level 65
Mind-pain (Ghost/ Dark) Level 67
Roartomb (Rock/ Ghost) Level 67
Coffin’ (Ghost/ Poison) Level 63
Hemshock (Grass/ Ghost) Level 70

Aftermath: Well, congratulations on beating the Gym Leader but it’s not over yet. No it’s far from over. You now have two new battle options: The Elite 4 or the Guardians. As you know the Elite 4 consists of 4 strong trainers and a Champion. This leagues Elite 4 are quite challenging, the champion’s Pokémon all being Level 100. You get to choose which order you battle the Elites in. The Elite 4 consists of the elements that were not included in the gym: Dark, Ice, Bug and Dragon. The Elite Champion has Pokémon of various types, so have a well-balanced team! The Guardians are something that has never before been seen. The Guardians are a group of strong individuals, all guarding the Pokémon Gods realm. If you want to obtain the 4 strongest Pokémon in this game, you must obtain the Guardian Blessings. These Blessings are pieces of rock with ancient markings on them. When (or if!) you beat all the 8 guardians, you can piece the Blessings together and get the clearance rock! Then, when you are told of the hidden cave, go there and insert the clearance rock onto the tablet. From there on, you have to find the legendary beasts in the maze. Guardians can be found on the eight Islands that surround Terra. Their Pokémon vary in levels, you might battle one with level 80 Pokémon, and then one with all Level 100 Pokémon! It is recommended that you challenge the guardians first so you can level up your Pokémon further and be ready to challenge the Elite 4.

Elite 4: Suzanna (Dark Elite): Burngandy (Dark/ Fire) Level 79
Sea- Lian (Water/ Dark) Level 78
H2Ark (Dark/ Water) Level 79
Soulminer (Dark) Level 80

Suzanna is the dark leader of the Elites. She has a dark reputation, said to claim the challengers soul if beaten. However, none of this is true. Suzanna is actually very kind and polite, but beware. She never holds back in a battle. If the Elites had an order, she would probably be the first person you battle.

Collin (Ice Elite): Snowshake (Ice/ Ground) Level 90
PolarSnare (Ice/ Steel) level 89
Avabranch (Ice/ Grass) Level 92

Collin is the veteran elite and has been an around even longer than the champion! His icy glare and chilly tone all point to ice. As strong as a glacier and as fast as an avalanche, Collin is a formidable trainer. Despite only having three Pokémon, he is the most experienced Elite, however, he is surpassed only by sheer power and strength, so if there were an order, you would battle this powerhouse third.

Crawley (Bug Elite): Skorpoison (Poison/ Bug) Level 92
Scarantula (Bug/ Poison) Level 89
Dragonsky (Bug/ Flying) Level 90
Sucksqueeto (Bug/ Fire) Level 91
Senseiuck (Fighting/ Bug) Level 95

Oh my god! Model material! Crawley is the best-looking Elite, and his power only adds to his golden reputation. Girls love him and kids adore him, not to mention he is truly a force to be reckoned with! His high level and loyal Pokémon can pull through any day. He is only surpassed by Collin’s experience, so if there were an order, he would be second.

Draco (Dragon Elite): Dreimmortal (Dragon) Level 95
Armashreddon (Dragon/ Fighting) level 96
Bombardon (Dragon/ Fire) Level 95
Gruddgon (Dragon/ Dark) Level 97

Ever since Pokémon began, Dragon Types have always been a pain. Unfortunately, this is still the case. Draco looks quite eloquent and charming in his black tuxedo, but don’t be fooled. His gentleman personality completely disappears on the battlefield. The shear ferocity of his Pokémon alone is enough to make you want to run. Add in power, defense, speed and smarts and you’ve got Draco’s Pokémon. No Trainer has ever been know to swat Draco away, as all his battles are pumped full of adrediline. He is unmistakably the strongest Elite out of the bunch.

Champion Josh:

Before we name his Pokémon, let’s explain the champion. He is very elusive, no-body knowing were he came from. His battle style is unique and unwavering. He puts his Pokémon’s needs in front of his own. It is rumored that he came up from nothing to defeat everybody. Not much is know about the Elite Champion. He travels around a lot but no-body recognizes him and he prefers it that way. Many trainers dare challenge him without knowing who he is and don’t hold back. He loves it when a full heated battle begins. He prefers not to be know to other people and to be treated like and ordinary citizen, not a champion. You might meet him in the streets one day or invite him to your house without knowing he was the champion. His Pokémon too are a mystery to those who haven’t battled him, so unfortunately, I cannot name his Pokémon, but if you do battle him, be very prepared!

Guardians: These ancient battlers are not known. They are a mystery to you and to me. You can only find out about them by first hand experience. Only two things are known about the Guardians. The first; they always ask you before a battle. They only challenge you if you talk to them and if you except. The second is that they all have a tattoo of a Z on their necks. They Guard the mystical Ancient cave, said to be home to the 4 power fullest beasts ever known: Virtue, Hierarchy, Anarchy and Abomacreation. This beats are said to be the creators of people and Pokémon. Only with the Clearance rock can you find Ancient Cave and it’s secrets.

Aftermath: Sinnoh or Unova remain after the game is finished so you can start a new journey all again or you can explore the new area that the Champion gives you permission to visit. You can train and capture Pokémon all at level 100! You can also capture some of the other regions legendary Pokémon. Lots of options still remain.

Pokémon list: Coming Soon!

This took me soooooo long!

Author:   reese66
Date:   May 09, 11 at 9:16am (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Pokemon Game!
how do you make a game

Author:   link25
Date:   Aug 20, 11 at 6:44am (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own pokemon game
please note that in my game the names are in german which actually is their english name.i just made some few editing its based on

pokemon game okemon opal

starter town: Neulatt town

leaffe:grass /the tiny monkey pokemon
wt:22.5 lbs
It feeds on seeds and leaves. it's body is agile aswell.

Feutelrat:fire /the fire opossum pokemon
wt:18.9 lbs
very fast and accurate.its fur keeps it warm at night.

Wassbear:water /the cub pokemon
wt:21.8 lbs
these little young bears live near streams and catch fish.they work in teams

pokemon prof.: prof. Acorn

team: Team Skyward
goal: use the power of rogbogen, the legendary sky pokemon and take over the groshzo region


Rarchic :uses rock crust badge/Braunstein city/enables rocksmash
groran : uses grass type nature badge/Grunfeld city/enables cut
Earsany : uses ground type clay badge/Helbrunerd city/enables flash
Kryce : uses ice type snow badge/waitsnoe city/enables surf
Kyston : uses flying type cloud badge/Purpummel city/enables fly
Linsday : uses electric type beam badge/Gelblich city/enables strength
Seriny : uses psychic type mind badge/ Roselhaf city/enables dive
Oscar : uses dragon type Peak badge/ Graurban city/enables waterfall

Elite 4:

Diana : fighting type
Tony : dark type
Darlin : normal type
Frank : ghost type
Elite 4 champion :
victor : any

if you're a boy you battle Lisa
if you're a girl you battle eddy

There are 21 routes: there are two different kinds of paths :
The foot path routes,the road or highway routes and the underground path
Some places have both, they're like on the same route but different directions: This is for the foot path and the highway only.
The highway runs through out the whole region and get you to places faster, but although you'll need a bicycle to go on it , and you fight only bikers and truck owners.In this version , sadly there are no cars....

The foot path extends from route 1 to 19
The highway routes extend from route 1 to 21
The underground path(s) vary because they are found in certain areas.

Kleiblum forest
Lightmagnet cave
skyward laboratory
Wishwell caverns
Helbrunerd pit caverns
victory road
pokemon league
Grunfeld meadow
rainbow castle
Purpummel forecast building
happy tower
hollow mountain
tragedy tower
safari zone
route 8's game corner
resort islands
forgotten shrine
graurban canyon

In this region there are four towns and ten cities so the other four places i didn't write are:

Frulifeld town
Donkels town
Poshire city
Enormis city

just as kanto there are a few legendary pokemon in this region:
Donkelhorn: dark/flying
Rosmahorn : psychic/flying
Geisthup : ghost/flying

Rogbogen : psychic/normal

on the other side of this region there are two other legends but won't be obtainable in the game for a while but only at the end of the game, i'll give the names anyway:
naturgen : dragon/grass
arorshregon : dragon/dark

all of this is part of my pokemon rom hack of leaf green i'm trying to make , so please do comment ,next time i will write the map descriptions and as well add more landmarks and new pokemon, and also help and try to support me so i can actually make this come true.

regards from link 25

Author:   Shadow Bolt
Date:   Aug 20, 11 at 7:01am (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Pokemon Game!
Name of Game: Pokemon: Troll em' all
New Legendary Pokemon: Mewthree, Mewfour, Mewsixty-five, and Team Hydro Aqua [the last and most difficult legendary to catch]
Old Legendary Pokemon: Phione / Arcanine / Uxie
Gym Leaders with Pokemon: All of them have a level 10101 Magikarp with Splash.
Pokemon League with Pokemon: All of them have a level 101011 Magikarp with String Shot and a level 200 Geodude with FlameThrower.
Possibly a Map of the Region: The region is really really just one Pokemon's dream. This Pokemon has the ability to dream while being awake. [Feebas]

Author:   link25
Date:   Aug 20, 11 at 7:13pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Pokemon Game!
link25 here, these are the map descriptions:

Neulatt town: beginning of a journey.
Kleiblum town: arrival of something new.
Frulifeld town: the spring filled meadow.
Donkels town: where the moon rises.

Braunstein city: the beautiful architectural city.
Grunfeld city: floral and sweet scented.
Helbrunerd city: the soft marshland.
Waitsnoe city: the snowflake filled harbor.
Purpummel city: the windy planes.
Gelblich city: a light that shines like the sun.
Roselhaf city: an area flourished with knowledge.
Graurban city: the ashy highlands.
Poshire city: elegant and rich.
Enormis city: the gateway to victory.

here are more pokemon for the starters:
leaffe/grass/ -lv.18- bauffe/grass/ -lv. 36- humongor/grass/

feutelrat/fire/ -lv.18- feuerkang/fire/fight/ -lv. 36- erhikang/fire/fight/

wassbear/water/ -lv.18- flussbear/water/ -lv.36- seebear/water/

gymleader pokemon !
erdezoid /rock/ lv.16
krowgon /rock/dragon/ lv.18

Wieshorse/normal/grass/ lv.20
Dornfodil/grass/flying/ lv.23

Buddemole/ground/dark/ lv.23
Begrehund/ground/ lv.25
Oozel/poison/ground/ lv.27

Snowey/ice/ lv.27
Sneeboon/ice/dark lv.30
Exmaximum/ice/grass/ lv.32

Hohbat/dark/flying/ lv.30
Lovingo/water/flying/ lv.30
Chikhan/normal/flying/ lv.33

Voltron/electric/ lv.33
Discrobe/electric/ lv.33
Likdog/electic/ lv.36

Plumcock/psychic/flying/ lv.39
Bellyum/psychic/poison/ lv.39
Kugedium/psychic/ lv.40

Aurher/dragon/psychic/ lv.42
Bashmer/dragon/steel/ lv.42
Hagedrac/dragon/rock/ lv.45

elite 4:
--/fight/ lv.48
--/fightv/ lv.48
--/fight/ lv.49
--/electric/fight lv.50

--/dark/ lv.48
--/dark/flying/ lv.48
--/dark/rock/ lv.49
--/dark/electric/ lv.50

--/normal/ lv.48
--/normal/ lv.48
--/normal/ lv.49
--/normal/ lv.50

--/ghost/ground/ lv.48
--/ghost/ lv.48
--/ghost/flying/ lv.49
--/ghost/dark/ lv.50

this one's a secret.

i think i've outdone myself , i have already drawn them but i'm still looking for names for now enjoy this.

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