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Author:   Josh17
Date:   Oct 19, 06 at 1:13am (PST)
Subject:   Which cell phone company is really the best?
I know, this has been debated countless times now, whether over the internet, between people, or the phone companies themselves clamining to be #1. Verizon says it has "Americas most reliable network", sprint says "largest network", and cingular says they have the "fewest dropped calls". I just went to, and I see a banner on the right hand side that says "We're #1! T-mobile has the fewest dropped calls and the highest call clarity nationwide". Yeah right t-mobile, no one is falling for that.

Most people would say Verizon right off the bat, and I say it's either Verizon or "maybe" Alltel.

So I decided to look a few things up.

If you rank them for how many people the companies can reach:

#1 = Sprint = 295 million reachable
#2 = Verizon = 291 million reachable (255 without roam).
#3 = Cingular = 270 million reachable
#4 = T-mobile = 275 million reachable, but only has 23 mill customers
#5 = Nextel = 264 million reached.
#6 = Alltell = has 11 million customers, and covers 72
million potential customers. (although I'm not sure how many it'd be including roaming, so it can't really be ranked. One of alltelles features is it's low roaming rates, so if you live in a big city chances are you'll have Alltell coverage. If not, you'll be roaming, which you shouldn't have to do unless you go out of the city.)

There is also "U.S. Cellular", which wasn't on the list, so I don't really have any info on them.

Now, if you don't know what roaming is it's when you're cell phone company (let's say for example, Sprint) doesn't have a sprint signal anywhere to be found. So what it does is it roams, and searches for a signal from another cell phone company. I think this is a good thing, in the sense that if you need to make in important call I'd rather have to the phone roam and me pay extra than to have "NO SERVICE" or "NO SIGNAL" listed on the phone. Cingular does NOT roam, so it just depends on the company. Sprint, Verizon, t-mobile, and Alltel all roam.

Although chances are you won't roam unless you travel outside your regular city that you live in, or out to rural areas or small towns, etc.

So it's hard to say which cell phone company is really the best, in terms of coverage wise. Alltell claims to have the largest geographically wise, and since it roams with Verizon, sprint and nextel, it just may have the most coverage overall. (although you'll be roaming if you're not using an Alltel tower)

What do you people think? I was actually thinking of getting Alltel, as I see that Alltel has coverage in the area that I live, and if I ever go somewhere else I could always just roam in order to get a signal. (I rarely go that far away, so chances are I wouldn't roam)

After looking at reviews, Alltel and US celluar seem to get better reviews then all the other companies. I currently have Nextel, and want to cancel, but that $175 fee is what's keeping me back. Although since my service is pretty poor where I live, I may just give in and pay the fee.

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Author:   Guticb
Date:   Oct 19, 06 at 1:40am (PST)
Subject:   re: Which cell phone company is really the best?
I've got Tmobile right now. I had Cingular about a year back, and they really start screwing you over near the end of your contract (They purposely add a massive amount of money to your bill to convince you to just pay $175 to scrap the contract).

Zero complaints about Tmobile. Their phones are great, customer service is great, and signal quality is just about always amazing.

Author:   Iceguy2003
Date:   Oct 20, 06 at 10:23am (PST)
Subject:   re: Which cell phone company is really the best?
I have Verizon. Great signal and clarity. Verizon uses CDMA. BTW, I have free roaming, and it wasn't anything I had to pay extra. As long as I'm in my state (Tennessee), roaming is free, or something to that effect. With Verizon, I literally have gotten signal in places where people are like 'you don't get signal here.' I just pull my phone out and make a call. It amazes them everytime, lol. I've been with Verizon for 3 and a half years (longer than I thought). I only have one place I have to 'roam' with them, and it's up on a mountain. It switches to 'extended network', but it works fine, and it doesn't charge me any extra.

So, now you have a T-Mobile review and a Verizon review. Where's alltel and cingular?

I can say one thing about alltel, I had the infamous 'Tracfone' before I was 18 (since I couldn't sign my own contract, and my parents wouldn't co-sign for me). Tracfone used Alltel's wireless networks, and I must say, it got good signal.

Author:   axforts2212
Date:   Oct 20, 06 at 7:01pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Which cell phone company is really the best?
I love my cingular V3. I always have signal, everywhere, always full bars, and its not that much money. i get 1500 minutes a month, 200 texts(which i never use) all for i think its 50 bucks a month, which gets reduced because my moms job and my dads job pays for part of it. so its like 20 bucks a month. good deal to me

Author:   Serum
Date:   Oct 21, 06 at 9:11pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Which cell phone company is really the best?
I'm with Cingular, and I would not be with a company unless it has GSM. I think T-Mobile and Cingular are the only GSM carriers.

quote axforts2212
I love my cingular V3. I always have signal, everywhere, always full bars
Like axforts2212 I always have a great signal with my Sony Ericsson. It works all over the world and I always have better reception then everyone else (it's funny when I see people with Sprint who can't make calls and I have full strength).

How you plan to use your phone is important. I never text but I use well over a thousand minutes a month. However, only 1.4% (according to my bill) of those minutes were anytime minutes. I've been with Cingular for years and never had to pay an overage charge, even with my heavy use of minutes. It's because all of my friends are with Cingular and make most of my business calls at night or during the weekend.

If I was going to switch carriers (which I do not currently plan on doing) I would go to T-Mobile. But for now, Cingular gets praise from me.

Author:   Sonnic
Date:   Dec 7, 06 at 5:03pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Which cell phone company is really the best?
the best cell phone company is relative in who is asking and what you consider the most important. Every company is the best for one reason or another, one has the best plans one has the best phones one has the best service one is cheapest and so on. No one company is the best one may argue that one company (the best company) might have be the best overall company having not the best features but good in all but someone who thinks service is the most important might think the best company is the one who has the best service not the best overall features. So it is all relitive to what you want.

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