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Author:   Raijin1999
Date:   Feb 27, 05 at 4:22am (PST)
Subject:   Game Information Thread
quote Bandai Games/Bandai Press
Jan 21 2005


CYPRESS, CA – January 21, 2005 – Bandai America Inc. is pleased to announce Gundam vs. Zeta Gundam is coming Summer 2005 to the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system!

Seven years after the end of the devastating One Year War…. The victorious Earth Federation has become corrupt and oppressive, and the elite Titans police force has taken on dictatorial powers. As the A.E.U.G. rebel group struggles to defeat the Titans, the heroes and villains of the original Mobile Suit Gundam series find themselves on the same side of this new conflict. The focus, however, is on a new hero named Kamille Bidan, the pilot of the transforming Zeta Gundam.

Special features:
Features 2 vs 2 team battles
Features 31 new Mobile Suits!
Choose your allegiance – play as a member of the A.E.U.G. or Titans
Transform your Mobile Suit into its Mobile Armor form!

Aside from the import only AEUG vs TITANS, this game is similar to the additions that Federation vs Zeon DX (in japan) received, save for even more extras.

Gundam vs Zeta Gundam is the DX version of AvsT, and will include new campaign branches (alternate ends), tweaks with mobile suit stats for balancing, the missing mobile armors from FvsZ that were absent in AvsT, and a few more suits, such as the Psycho Gundam MKII (transformable) and ZZ Gundam (non transformable).

No word on wether the US version will include online play, but chances are 40/60 i'd say (40 in favor).
In a month or two, if their press do not boast of online play, then I doubt it, but for now, here's hoping.

Author:   Dubzero
Date:   Jun 27, 05 at 3:11pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Game Information Thread
Well to any one still reading this thread;
I finally think that its soon to be released due to the promotion at, with the date June 28, 2005 on a Gundam vs. Z Gundam Banner.

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