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Author:   Jayy
Date:   Jul 26, 12 at 11:04am (PST)
Subject:   Salamander..... -.-
since you can only save right before a dungeon, my patience is wearing thin on having to run it, just to die. A lot of the time the getting-attacked-every-three-steps has me rage quit, or sometimes, the little things that attack me wipe me out. I have two games, both stuck on the same part.
Game 1-
Luneth- Freelancer lv 16 (before running the dungeon, of course)
Arc- Red Mage lv 16
Refia- Black Mage lv 16
Ingus- Warrior lv 16
This is before I learned about how to use jobs and such, lol

Game 2-
Luneth- Warrior lv 16 (before dungeon)
Arc- Black Mage lv 16
Refia- White mage lv 15
Ingus- Red mage lv 16
Through the dungeon, I only get 2 Antarctic Winds. Arc is equipped with a fire staff and ice staff, Refia a light staff and ice staff. Luneth has a high attack sword and an ax, I think, Ingus has a couple swords. Refia can only use cura maybe 3 times and cure about 18, but those dwindle by the time I get to him. I only had 3 cures and 2 cura by the time I got to him last time. Arc has Blizzara, but only 3 MP in lvl 3. Arc can use cure, but only has 10 MP in lvl 1. Soo, with all that being said. What do you think I should do/change?

Author:   The masked man
Date:   Jul 27, 12 at 11:06pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Salamander..... -.-
Other than the final boss and the Iron giant the salamander is probably the hardest boss in the game. So heres a few tips that will help you through the stage.
1.Buy as many potions as possible so that you don't waist Mp
2.To save mages Mp use the ice/blizzard staff to cast magic instead of using your mp. There is also an Ice sword in the dungeon that you can use to cast low level ice magic.(to use a Wep to cast its magic go to items and select it while in battle.)
3.Run a lot. If the monsters will not let you run change someone to a thief so you can get away without taking less damage.
4. Go through the dungeon and collect all items and then exit and save. This will help with not having to go get items every time you try to fight him.
5. Make sure you have the best gear possible.
6. While in the fight against Salamander DO NOT HIT HIM WITH ALL YOU HAVE AT FIRST, SAVE YOUR ICE MAGIC AND ARCTIC WINDS TILL YOU HAVE ALREADY DAMAGED HIM. This is important because he dose not start using Flamethrower till a set amount of Hp, so do 2 or 3 turns of damage on him before you hit him with all you got.
7. You can always just Grind your levels.
Any questions?

Author:   NavyCeltic24
Date:   Aug 10, 12 at 3:39pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Salamander..... -.-
I had a team of Thief,Red Mage, White Mage, and Warrior..Got all my characters levels to 20 (just sailed around in the ocean fighting sea monsters ) which does not really take that long plus if you level grind to 20 then you will make some decent coin which will help you stock up on potions and high potions before running through the dungeon. I went in with 20 potions and 10 high potions to heal up after running through the lava to conserve MP. Make sure you get a the ice sword in the dungeon before taking Salamander on plus the item "Artic Wind" helps a lot so get as many of those as you can. When starting the fight I just blasted him with Artic Winds and used my Red Mages Blizzard spell while healing all party members with my white mage, add on hitting him with advance with my warrior with the ice sword equipped pretty much equals death.....Beat him pretty easy on my first try ever so you should not have any issues. Good Luck

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