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Author:   teodortenchev
Date:   Mar 20, 06 at 3:23pm (PST)
Subject:   The Information Thread
Welcome to the Information Thread.



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Author:   teodortenchev
Date:   Mar 21, 06 at 12:35pm (PST)
Subject:   Thread Index

Titles are links to the threads they represent

Mod Corner & R/F/S
    Requests, Feedback, and Suggestions
Maple Community
    A mix between a Maple Blog and an On-Topic GD
Post a Picture #9
    Screenshots and the like, must be Maple Story related
Graphics Requests
    Request banners and avatars here, it doesn't all have to be Maple Story requests but would be preferred.
Character List and Introductions
    Best place to find friends in your server, and even add yourself to the list.
Tech Help
    Having issues making MS work?
Training Advice
    Don't know where to train?
Item price check
    Need to find out what your item is worth?

Author:   teodortenchev
Date:   Mar 21, 06 at 12:43pm (PST)
Subject:   Maple Story Frequently Asked Questions
Have a question you think should be here? Suggest it in the Mod Corner

Q: Where do I go and what do I need if I want to become a swordsman/magician/thief/bowman/pirate?
    A: To become a swordsman you need to be at least level 10 and have 35 Strength. The job advancement for this class is carried on in Perion. Once you are there climb to the top and talk to Dances with Balrogs.

    To take up a job advancement as a magician you need 20 points in Intelligence, the level requirement is 8. Grendel the Really Old who can be found in Ellinia is the one you have to find for this job advancement.

    To become a thief you need to be at least level 10 and have 25 Dexterity. Go to Kerning City and speak with the Dark Lord, in the Internet Cafe

    To become a bowman you need to be at least level 10 and have 25 Dexterity points. Once your character meets the requirements go to Henesys and talk to Helena at the Mushroom Park.

    To become a pirate you need to be at least level 10 and have 20 Dexterity points. Once your character meets the requirements go to Nautilus Port and talk to The Captain Lady Person at the Bridge of the submarine.

Q: What is the best class to start off if I am a new player?
    A: There are no weak jobs in the game. It all depends on how you distribute your stats and skill points. If you do it accordingly you will be fine. Seemingly, the two easiest classes to start out with are Warriors or Mages. They are fairly cost efficient if you are just starting the game, and will level up at a decent rate. Perfect for new players~

Q: Where should I train / what enemies do I have to fight?
    A: Remember that fighting stronger enemies that give you more EXP do not necessarily help you level up faster. Chose your enemies according to your own skill and level. Remember that it is always better to kill 10 Snails for a few seconds other than fighting a Yellow Mushroom or something stronger for more time. The Hunting Grounds next to Henesys are the perfect place for level 10 characters and above. At level 21 don't forget to go to Kerning City for the Party Quest there. It is by far the easiest way to level up because you get lots of EXP and the monsters there are weaker than those outside. Items and EXP is obtained at the end of the quest and the one who kills the Slime King gets additional Experience points.

Q: I am a Claw Thief and my stars went to 0 what do I do?
    A: At the Armor Store you can "recharge" your stars so they will be back up to the max capacity. It will cost a little bit of meso, but it's cheaper than buying new sets.

Q: Why is it so hard to level up?
    A: The Maple Story leveling system is different than this in other games you have played before. For example, being lvl 30 is a higher honor in this game than say in Runescape. Patience is a key word in this game.

    A: To help solve your problem we need more details to understand your situation. Perhaps you got an error message? Add it to your message whenever you are asking for such assistance. PLEASE consult the Gameguard/Tech Help Thread regarding any of these issues.

Q: What happens when I level up?

Author:   SlangX
Date:   Mar 30, 06 at 3:01am (PST)
Subject:   Account Security

Here are some quick tips and hints to keeping your account safe and private.

    The most commonly abused feature of an MMORPG, the password is kinda like your soul so hang onto it for dear life. NEVER give it out to anyone, even your friends in-game. If you find yourself in a situation where you are asked to give out your password, leave the area immediately. Remember, nobody will ever ask you for your password including administrators and GM's.

  • The above applies for your identification code and any other personal account information as well
What you can do to ensure a secure password/identification code
    Your password should never contain any actual words or phrases such as "dogcat" or "cokeandpepsi". Letters that are directly beside each other on the keyboard such as "tyui" should also never be used.

    Some of the most effective and secure passwords are one's such as your birthday numbers "011189" or a combination of letters and numbers that you are able to remember easily. If you aren't in a creative mood, you could always use one of the many password generator's offered on the Internet.

    Your identification code is a no-brainer, four numbers, make sure that it's not something easily guessable such as "1111" or "6969".
    This form of hacking is found on websites offering supposed "free training" and also sites promising "Meso Generators". They ask for your user name and password from the start and proceed to key-log your account, gathering your personal information and taking everything from you.

    Always avoid these sites. Do not give your account information to any website but

Author:   Lorx
Date:   Jan 20, 09 at 9:11pm (PST)
Subject:   Helpful Websites

The Blue titles are links to the respective websites

Hidden Street
    A database for everything relating to Global Maple Story (GMS) and Maple Southeast Asia (MSEA). It takes a couple weeks for new information to start showing up after a patch, but it is the best database by far.
Basil Market
    A site for auctioning your Items to other players. It's not directly connected with Nexon, so after you buy or sell an item you have to meet the other person in-game to do the trade. Also has a (smaller) database.
Maple's Story
    Think Maple has no backstory? Think again.
Banned Story
    You can download a program here that is basically Maple Dress Up. Useful for if you feel like making a fake screenshot, testing some combinations of CS Equips, or just fooling around.
Manual Patcher
    The download spot of the Manual Patcher, a program Nexon releases with every patch if you don't want to use the automatic patching system built into Maple Story.

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