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Author:   Cheesysoapopra
Date:   Apr 9, 06 at 6:40pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Very slow/Unplayable, please help
If you are on a budget the Geforce 6800GS is the best card you can get for the money. It also Overclocks to 6800Ultra speeds easily.

Author:   Corellar
Date:   Apr 9, 06 at 7:26pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Very slow/Unplayable, please help
quote grumpygrim1
Ooo thanks The ATI x1600 looks promising. Are you sure it will work Koloth?

And by n6800 do you mean nVidia or ASUS?
Actually both: It's an Asus N6800/TD 512mb. It is nVidia. It probably isn't possible for your system to get a faster one. Most newer videocards are not compatible with your (and my) system. But it is fast enough. And... don't buy 512mb extra! 1Gb is more than alright!
Hope it also works for you. Your pc is little bit slower than mine.

Author:   Koloth
Date:   Apr 9, 06 at 8:27pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Very slow/Unplayable, please help
If you go ATI don't get the X800. Not because the X1600 is better over all. Obviously the x800 being a high end card is going to be a bit better than a mid range. However the x1600 comes with shader model 3.0 support and the x800 only shader model 2.0. Oblivion utilizes 3.0 so you would be better off with the x1600. You really wouldn't be giving up much to go with the x1600 over the x800.

If you go with ATI of course.

Author:   Argonaut
Date:   Apr 9, 06 at 10:54pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Very slow/Unplayable, please help
Even though it looks like your going ATI. I would just like to add that the 7800 GT range is very cheap right now. The 7900's are out with faster clock speeds, therefore the price on a 7800 is pretty good value for money wise. I run a 7800 gt, I downloaded the latest forceware and selected Oblivion in the profiles. It runs pretty damn good now.

Since you have an AGP motehrboard, you could go for a 7800 GS which costs around $500 australian. So I assume it would be in your price range. These cards run everything, are cheap and are easily overclocked. In fact a friend just brought one from ebay, he's putting it in his amd3500.

The benefit is, that this thing will last until AGP is phased out completely. Then you can go and buy a new system in a few years.

Author:   grumpygrim1
Date:   Apr 11, 06 at 12:21pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Very slow/Unplayable, please help
Wow Thanks for all the help everyone!

I'm going with an x800 Sapphire because we've managed to get a bit of a deal on it.

I hope to be back these boards soon having played Oblivion! Thursday or Friday hopefully.

See you all soon.

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