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Author:   Them Beans
Date:   Jan 19, 08 at 3:00am (PST)
Subject:   So who are you?
this forum needs some ACTIVITY!!
this is still a fun game, you guys!!

let's talk about our Urbz.

you can give your name, fav district, friends, favorite clothes and hair and stuff. Anything you can come up with.


mine is named Scooter Sanity.
he has the comb-over hairdo. not like in Neon East, though I did buy that one, bu the one you can pick for free at the start of the game. like Arthur Pop's.
his hair color changes daily.
I'm from Kicktail Park but I spend the most time in The Foundry hanging around Arthur, Neo and Crispin. That fashion designer girl, too. not Bella.
every district I go to, I'll buy pants, maybe shoes, and a customized T-shirt for that district. it's just cheaper than a shirt.
also, he has a bunch of tattoos and piercings, just because.
I quite like Scooter. he has like. 115 rep maybe? not too amazing. :B

I also have a girl named Frankie Franks from Central Station but she's not nearly as fun to play.

anyway. your turn.

Author:   kerek10203
Date:   Jan 20, 08 at 12:16am (PST)
Subject:   re: So who are you?
My Urb is named Christy Urbie (creative aren't i ?)and sarted in gasoline row. (just cus i liked the clothes!)

Author:   kerek10203
Date:   Jan 20, 08 at 12:22am (PST)
Subject:   re: So who are you?
Oh ya, i started in gasoline row but hang in cosmo St. and S.side urb has pink emo hair and she has 527 rep. i hate kidd chaos but love

Author:   omallymoonbeam
Date:   Feb 14, 08 at 4:54am (PST)
Subject:   re: So who are you?
My Name Is Lily Mcgill and she loves and started out at the Foundry because her boyfrinds Arther and Crispin live their. She is friend with almost everyone in the game and has alot of rep and has almost beated the game. I really like having her and she always waers purple or blue and always has a peirsing on the top of her nose.


Author:   Sillydog
Date:   Sep 2, 08 at 5:48am (PST)
Subject:   re: So who are you?
My sims name is Sara Urbie and she mostly hangs around in Diamond heights. She's a super model and has about 366 rep. She has about 15 boyfriends, and hates sushi:P

Author:   Them Beans
Date:   Sep 4, 08 at 1:47am (PST)
Subject:   re: So who are you?
@kerek10203: cool! I like Cozmo Street a lot. 527 rep, agggh I'm so jealous @__@
@Celina: haha, I love Arthur and Crispin too. Lily sounds really neat.
@Sillydog: 15 boyfriends! that's a record XD and why does she hate sushi?

I still have yet to really start playing Frankie Franks.

I still play and love Scooter, though. I've added Arthur and Neo to his crew. we're in a very complex love square, adding Crispin, atm. D:

I deeesperately need to work on the secret missions -- these periodic "Have you forgotten about what I asked you? Are you still going to do your job? Have you met these people yet? What did you have for breakfast this morning? Do you like the color orange?!?!" messages are piling up higher and higher. Ugh.

Author:   macdragon8
Date:   Jan 3, 09 at 6:27am (PST)
Subject:   re: So who are you?
My urbz name is raven birdie(couldn't think of another last name)I started in the foundry because I'm artsy fartsy like that. My rep is 312, I have a cat, and bulldog. my 'do is the black hairstyle with the bangs and it comes down to the jaw(?)

Author:   Holy Grail War
Date:   Feb 27, 09 at 8:48am (PST)
Subject:   re: So who are you?
Brings back many memories.

I deleted all my files of The Urbz, but I am going to play the game very soon.

My favourite district would be Neon-East, because I like the Japanese lifestyle and such. However, I also like the attitude of The Foundry, with all those art guys and girls.

Favourite clothing would be Central Park. It's just awesome.

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