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Author:   lord1027
Date:   Jun 30, 08 at 8:15am (PST)
i got on the mission : OFFICES OF DISPLACE INT. MIDTOWN MANHATTAN, NEW YORK CITY, USA. here i have to follow that man and hack into his laptop wirelessly, but i can't find the laptop... is it the case that he is carrying? i hacked that one but nothing happened. My goal is to: RETRIEVE THE SERVER ACCES ALGORITHM , and i have to do that by hacking that laptop, but when i select use computer (or i hack it wirelessly) the only thing that appears is: SECURITY ACCES. If i do that nothing happens. PLEASE HELP ME

Author:   Big Joe
Date:   Sep 28, 11 at 10:19pm (PST)
Find the big room with the computers and the staircase, right beside the firing range. Go up the stairs and go into the small room with a door. Enter the crawlspace-like walkway, find an opening, and then climb down the rope into the room below. You should find the server access algorithm on the computer in that room. But be careful because guards will be alerted when you use the computer.

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