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Author:   super michael
Date:   Feb 27, 13 at 2:02am (PST)
Subject:   Posterous site shutting down
It seems Posterous is shutting down on April 30th 2013, it has something to do with twitter. Here is the source

I was wondering is there a limit to how much posterous site can be transfered to tumblr? In posterous 1 email can have many posterous site, is it possible to transfer let say 10 posterous site to tumblr?

Edit is there any site to transfer all the posterous site to another site which is completely free? I found out tumblr you have to pay when you transfer a lot of things.

Author:   Short Circuit
Date:   Feb 27, 13 at 12:26pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Posterous site shutting down

... no, Posterous. Never heard of it before, what is it?

Author:   hbn
Date:   Feb 27, 13 at 12:29pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Posterous site shutting down
You know, just looking at the title, I thought you misspelled Pistorious

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