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Author:   Apparition
Date:   Dec 23, 08 at 6:30am (PST)
Subject:   Cure for AIDS?
First, here is why we can't beat AIDS: It mutates too fast, so a resistant strain is always produced by the next generation after the previous one is reduced to almost nothing by antibiotics.

So why not remove the ability for AIDS to make a new generation? This is the concept behind the only proven AIDs cure (which is impractical for curing any large number of people cheaply).

So here is what I propose: We do a form of autologous bone marrow transplant. We use radiation therapy/chemotherapy to irradicate the immune system, cutting off the HIV virus from it's source of reproduction. Then, keeping the patient from infection in a sterile environment, you begin a multidrug treatment of AIDS antibiotics, making sure to try to eliminate dormant cells in the lymph nodes and rectal tissue. The various antibiotics can kill off all of the HIV because it cannot produce a second generation resistant to ALL of the antibiotics.

Afterwards, you retransplant the bone marrow of the patient, and administer HIV tests for a couple years and keep them on antibiotics throughout that time.

Possible problems:

~The high risk of marrow transplants (but they have an expensive and fatal disease anyways)
~Whether dormant AIDS cells can be reached by any antibiotics (I am not an expert an AIDS antibiotics), and the life expectancy of a single HIV cell (I couldn't find out how long they live inside the body before they die).
~Whether your own bone marrow is infected or not, or if AIDS only effects the immune cells that are produced into the blood stream (not sure on this one either)

I am not a medical expert and not a expert on HIV, but I had this idea and thought it would be a good idea to find out why it doesn't work. I was hoping someone with medical knowledge could help me out.

Author:   TurMoiL911
Date:   Dec 23, 08 at 6:36am (PST)
Subject:   re: Cure for AIDS?
Fixed link

As for somebody with medical knowledge, I highly doubt anyone wfrom Neoseeker went to med school. The Intellectual Exchanges forum would be a better place to start, though.

Author:   Lone Warrior
Date:   Dec 23, 08 at 8:28am (PST)
Subject:   re: Cure for AIDS?
quote TurMoiL911
As for somebody with medical knowledge, I highly doubt anyone wfrom Neoseeker went to med school.
Hey, I'm hurt. :<


This should provide an interesting read on this subject. Its main point being:

Currently available anti-HIV drugs may be able to reduce HIV to 'undetectable' levels in the blood, but they cannot remove HIV's genes that are integrated in the DNA of our own cells. Although scientists have been working on eradicating HIV from the body for more than two decades, and knowledge is increasing incrementally, their work has ultimately been disappointing.
Hope it answers your question.

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