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Author:   Zero-P
Date:   Oct 6, 03 at 12:13am (PST)
Subject:   Compatibility Questions
Hello all,

I'm plan on building my own computer and have selected all the parts I'd like to use but I have several questions I can't seem to find the answer to.

Here is what I plan on using:

Case - Antec PLUS660AMG
Processor - Intel P4 2.4GHz 800MHz FSB
Motherboard - Asus P4P800 Deluxe 800FSB
Video Card - Asus V9480TVD 128MB Geforce 4 TI4800SE
Sound Card - Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live! Dolby Digital 5.1
CPU Fan - Thermaltake P4 Spark 7+ (Xaser Edition)
Ram - Crucial MICRON 256MB 32x64 PC 3200 DDR RAM (I'll be using 2 of these for a total of 512MB RAM)
Hard Drive - Western Digital 120GB 7200RPM 8MB Cache EIDE

Here are my question:

1. On the Thermaltake CPU fan it says for P4 3GHz and higher. Is it then ok to use on a 2.4GHz P4? Both the fan and the motherboard use the 478 socket.

2. Will my motherboard, video card, sound card, and processor all work together? Does anyone know about compatibilty problems with any of these items?

3. Is this the correct type of RAM?

4. And last but not least will all of this work using Windows ME (yes, Windows Millennium)?
There are several reasons why I need to use Windows ME that aren't worth mentioning. I am already forseeing many people telling me to get Windows XP!

If anyone knows all of these answers GREAT! But if you know only one or two I'd still love to hear from you.


P.S. This is my first time building my own computer!

Author:   Cheesysoapopra
Date:   Oct 6, 03 at 6:28am (PST)
Subject:   re: Compatibility Questions
Everything looks fine to me

p.s. get XP! lol

Author:   Master of the VG
Date:   Oct 6, 03 at 9:19pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Compatibility Questions
If you really want to get the most out of all that equipment, you should get Windows 2000 or XP. Windows ME is basically an extremely buggy upgrade to Windows 98. If you really want ME for some odd reason, I can't stop you but I would recommend against getting it.

Everything seems to check out, but you should probably get a better sound card. Your integrated sound is going to be better than a Sound Blaster Live.

You will also need some sort of an optical drive. I recommend that you get either a CD-RW or a DVD-ROM drive (or both). Also check to make sure you are getting a power supply with your case.

Other than that, if you already have a monitor, speakers, keyboard, and mouse you are set.

Author:   Zero-P
Date:   Oct 6, 03 at 9:41pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Compatibility Questions
My case comes with a 330Watt power supply. Also, I am going to scavenge parts from my exsisting computer such as my Sony DRU-500AX, another CD-R/RW drive, floppy drive, mouse, keyboard and a 17" Samsung flat panel monitor.

There are several reasons for Windows ME. One is that several of my devices are a pain in the butt to load on XP. The instructions say just load drives for anything less than XP but if you're running XP then there are several other things needed to isntall it properly. What a pain in the ass!!! Also several of my software programs I have won't run on XP. And last but not least I hate XP! I've spent many hours on friends computers with XP and I HATE it! Between the stupid registration, the completely different layout (I know it can be changed to classic), the enormous amount of space, security flaws (like all other Windows OS's I guess) and the fact that there are more viruses and attacks on XP than there are on ME. Point in case, that recent Blaster worm...doesn't effect Windows ME users! Ha!!!
Maybe I'll switch to 98SE instead.

Thanks for all the advice,

Author:   Master of the VG
Date:   Oct 6, 03 at 10:04pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Compatibility Questions
Windows 98 SE is better than ME, but Windows 2000 is more stable. Windows 2000 keeps the old windows 9x look to it so its appearance won't be a problem.

Author:   Cheesysoapopra
Date:   Oct 7, 03 at 2:02am (PST)
Subject:   re: Compatibility Questions
Well Microsoft is dropping Software support for ALL 9x OSs... SO yeah XP or 2k would be a good idea...

Author:   hspace
Date:   Oct 7, 03 at 5:57am (PST)
Subject:   re: Compatibility Questions
quote Zero-P
1. On the Thermaltake CPU fan it says for P4 3GHz and higher. Is it then ok to use on a 2.4GHz P4?
Aircooling is fine provided that you do not overclock the CPU voltage. People use watercooling when they play with voltage overclocking.

A 2.4Ghz P4 can be easily "overclocked" to 3GHz by adjusting the fsb value. Aircooling will be fine.

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