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Author:   dave777
Date:   Dec 10, 12 at 6:55am (PST)
Subject:   Any owners of HP Z420 here? (Xeon E5-1650, 8GB)
I wonder if there are any owners of HP Z420, IntelĀ® Xeon E5-1650, 8GB here?( I am seriously considering this workstation for a large number crunching project that would involved recalculating large excel files (300-mbs, and 500mbs in size) thousands of times per each day (5/7/365)...this will be a long term project so I need a super fast and a super reliable system...I understand Xeon E5-1650 is the twin brother of i7 3930k with the addition of ECC memory support and a few more sever options...I was wondering if there are people here who have this machine and hwo submit it daily to very hard loads???well - EXTREMELY HARD LOADS....Like running 100% for 10 hours non-stop....I wonder how it handles that?)) I will be very happy to hear about your experience!)

Author:   dave777
Date:   Dec 12, 12 at 7:34am (PST)
Subject:   re: Any owners of HP Z420 here? (Xeon E5-1650, 8GB)
it is interesting to note that Lenovo ThinkStation S30 0569 features the same porcessor but is almost 1000$ more expensive at a hefty $2,924.00 ( wonder why such a large price differential?)

Author:   Crusad3r
Date:   Dec 13, 12 at 4:51am (PST)
Subject:   re: Any owners of HP Z420 here? (Xeon E5-1650, 8GB)
dave777 I don't think there's many on this website with that CPU, since we're mostly gamers.

The Lenovo also has a Quadro 4000 graphics card for 3d rendering which is a very expensive add-on where as the HP doesn't have any graphics card. That graphics card costs around the difference between the two workstations.

Your work won't need the GPU, so the HP is an ideal choice.

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