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Author:   kspiess
Date:   Nov 28, 07 at 7:39pm (PST)
Subject:   PowerColor HD3850 Xtreme Review
Hi forum-folk and graphic card lovers,

I whipped up a 16 pg. review of the HD 3850 for'ya'all. I liked this overclocked 512 MB HD 3850; it put up some great numbers and is a good deal for all of you out there who do not bathe in money.

Here is the linkage:

One small thing: sorry for not including more Crysis numbers. I assure you that no conspiracy is involved.

Btw: Starting with my next review, I'm bringing in a new set of standard(ized) benchmarks. I'll keep this set of benchmarks the same for a while. We'll have more results to pour over than hardly anyone else (anyone else?), and all of our review cards will be vigorously re-tested everytime with the absolutely latest drivers, leaked or not leaked.

I'll also be making overclocking a regular thing, and hopefully more SLI / CrossFire numbers. And! Also I'll be doing testing of video decoding as well, to see what kind of CPU utilization is going on with these fine products.

The only thing that I will probably never test is sound levels of fans (like, with a sound-meter), or heat/tempature sensing, because, well, I just don't think that stuff is vital.

So stick around!

Hope everyone is doing good,


PowerColor HD 3850 Xtreme PCS (512MB) Review

Author:   axforts2212
Date:   Nov 28, 07 at 9:41pm (PST)
Subject:   re: PowerColor HD3850 Xtreme Review
Nicee, if you could just test the heat numbers on the overclocks to make sure the overclocks dont put the chip in danger zone. but the rest of your ideas sound sexyy

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