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Author:   Northern49
Date:   Jan 30, 13 at 4:52pm (PST)
Subject:   Did Jesus exist?
For a long time we've all assumed in our culture that Jesus existed, whether or not you believe in the same God, or God at all. But some people have suggested that Jesus, along with many other deities with similar characteristics and sharing the same day of birth represents the Sun.

The Sun is in the real world, the closest thing we have to a God. Although its not a living thing, it gives us life, warmth, food, comfort, and water. Many cultures around the world, even while simultaneously worshiping a specific, personified deity, also have rituals that celebrate the coming and going of sunlight. Even Christianity.

Here are some miracles of Jesus that can be attributed to him being a representation of the Sun. Due to the pivot of the earth's axis, the length of days grows and contracts causing Winter and Summer. The high and low end of this rotation is called the Winter and Summer solstice. On Christmas Eve, the last day of the 3 day bell curve between the beginning and end of the Winter solstice, the "Three Kings" which is another name for the constellation Orion's Belt, line up exactly with Polaris, the North Star and the sun rise on December 25th. the day celebrated for the rebirth of the sun. The Three Kings, of course, follow the North Star to find the "Sun rise" ( The son of God )

This 3 day period is prominent both in the bible and other religions. 3 days is also the period of time Jesus dies, and comes back to life between Easter and Good Friday.

Easter is another word for Equinox, the day when the days officially become longer than night. Day and night, as always representing good and evil.

Author:   walnuts
Date:   Jan 30, 13 at 4:55pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Did Jesus exist?
This is not happening outside of the Religion thread - take it there please.

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