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Author:   Whitetiger13
Date:   Jun 17, 05 at 6:24pm (PST)
Subject:   General Discussion!
Welcome to the General Discussion! Feel free to talk about anything related to the game here.

I like the game alot it was very good. Metal sonic was a cool new enemy too. The game itself was more difficult than other sonic games ,which made it even more fun ( funner is not a word ... im sorry ,but funnier is a word... I know we live in a *bleeped* up world) I enjoyed this game Did you? What are some of your thoughts on the game?

Author:   mr gta
Date:   Aug 1, 06 at 10:11am (PST)
Subject:   re: General Discussion!
Yes, me did enjoy
I'm glad they decided to go back to the platform style scrolling for the main gameplay, very fun stuff!

Author:   RobRob
Date:   Feb 11, 07 at 12:43pm (PST)
Subject:   re: General Discussion!
How could anyone possibly like Amy Rose, who is a stalker who won't get off sonic's back for once. And Cream the Rabbit, who is a complete sad sack who carries this annoying chao called Cheese. And a huge disabled overweight fat booda gay cat called Big who has a pet frog called Froggy and participates in a gay team Blast?

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