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Author:   Dragon God
Date:   May 17, 05 at 5:12pm (PST)
Subject:   Create your own Net Navi and character
Its simple

Here's mine

Character: Drake Hikari
Sex: Male
Ocupation: Pliot
Team: The Hunters
Job: Undercover CyberNet Agent (leader)
Comes from: Neo City

Net Navi: DragonMan

Gauntlet Fang
Sky Assault
Aurora Cannon (most powerful)
Gold Dragoon Sword
Silver Dragoon Sword
Bronze Dragoon Sword

Special Powers: Wyrm Blast

Character: Hawk Heaven
Age: 26
Sex: Male
Ocupation: Racer
Team: The Hunters
Job:Undercover CyberNet Agent
Comes from: Thunder City

Net Navi: PhoenixMan

Fire Claw
Blazing Wings
Flare Bomb
Flame Sword

Special Powers: Phoenix Fire

Character: Jessica Diamond
Sex: Female
Ocupation: Fotomodel
Team: The Hunters
Job:Undercover CyberNet Agent
Comes from: Chasis Town

Net Navi: TigerMan

Battlechips: Icy Kick
Thunder Claw
Flame Punch
Tetra Uppercut

Special Powers: Blood Beserker

Character: Mr.Stone
Sex: Male
Ocupation: Teacher
Team: The Hunters
Job:Undercover CyberNet Agent

Net Navi: TurtleMan

Battlechips: Rock Shield
Grand Punch
Earthly Stomp

Special Powers: Meteor Storm

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Author:   hamstar138
Date:   Jul 12, 05 at 1:06am (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Net Navi and character
job:net saver
comes from:adcd

net navi:twirlgirl
no spershil cards
only card of her own
Tornator reprimize!

Author:   neo_kaiser
Date:   Jul 12, 05 at 7:11am (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Net Navi and character
name: Daniel
Age: 13
family: mom and dad
comes from: ACDC town
PET: progress and advanced
job: official netbattler (undercover)
cause: collect all chips and rule the world

special attack: METEOR DROP
element: fire
programs: navicust, soul union, style change
'cause: idem netbattler
programing level: NETNAVI.EXE level: 34

Author:   Pure Arch Angel
Date:   Sep 23, 05 at 12:57am (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Net Navi and character
Name:Leigh Alastrine
Job:wandering doctor

Special Ability:Angel Arm a huge holy cannon that replaces his sword when charged up
Appearence:2 pure white wings a halo wears a cross between a white robe and silver armor he normally uses a sword instead of a buster gun but can switch to bo staff for longer range but less damage when he uses the special Angel Arm attack his sword and staff fuse into his arm turning his arm into a cannon which when fully charged does awesome damage to the opponent that is... if he can fire it before interrupted

Author:   Steelrunner
Date:   Mar 1, 06 at 4:35pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Net Navi and character
Name: Sirius....unknown last name
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Occupation: Navi Editor
Force: Golden Dragoons
Navi: Tron EXE

Navi Name: Tron EXE
HP: 2000
Melee Attack 1: Energy Blade <Jumps at enemy and slashes (1x3)> (100 damage)
Melee Attack 2: Dual Energy Blades <Slashes Seven Times(1x1)> (70 damage per slash)
Melee Attack 3/Signiture Move: Great Sword <Slashes once (2x3)> (500 damage)
Range Attack 1: Laser Handgun <Fire 3 shots of long beams of laser (3x1)> (50 damage per second)
Range Attack 2: Guase Rifle <Fires a barrage of bullets (3x3)> (30 damage per shot+stun)
Range Attack 3: Final Shot <Fires a EXTREMELY accurate shot (1x1)> (300 damage)
Ablities 1: Heal <Heals ally or self for 10 hp per second>
Ablities 2: Levation <can float over objects>
Ablities 3: True Sight <Invis, etc doesn't work>
Ablities 4: Tech Armor <half damage>
Ablities 5: Energy Shield <500 hp shield (that regenerates slowly)>

Name: Myona Valkeriyion
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Occupation: Medical Specialist
Force: Golden Dragoons
Navi: Sara EXE

Navi Name: Sara EXE
HP: 700 (+1000 Regenerated Aura)
Melee Attack 1: Double Slash <2 Slashes for 250 damage(3x1)>
Melee Attack 2: Espilion Whip <100+ Whip Damage for 25 damage each (2x2)>
Melee Attack 3: Double Egded Sword <1 Slash for 500 damage(3x3)>
Range Attack 1: X-Bow <25 shots for 50 damage each(shoots down rows)>
Range Attack 2: Shurikens <12 shots for 100 damage each(shoots down at navi (1x1)>
Range Attack 3/Signature Move: TransEnergy <Drains hp from oppenent and adds hp to self or ally (constant 150 per second)>
Ablities 1: HyperHeal <Heals self or allies at 250 with a 10 second cooldown>
Ablities 2: Levation <can float over objects>
Ablities 3: Lighting Reflexes <75% increased dodging>
Ablities 4: 500 Barrier <A barrier of 500 on top of the 1000 aura>
Ablities 5: SureShot <75% increased chance of hit>

There modifations and a new charactor

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Author:   kwick_gamer
Date:   Jan 1, 09 at 6:32pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Net Navi and character
name: prof.regal
Age: 32
family: brother to dr. regal
comes from: nation Z
job: bad guy

special attack: bug swarm
element: normal
programs:style unison
cause: RULE THE WORLD!!!!
heath: 3000
basic attack: drill arm
basic attack 2: bug cannon
basic atack 3: bugbomb

Author:   sonic999999999999
Date:   Mar 10, 09 at 9:52pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Net Navi and character
my name would be king klown and my navi would be jesterman. He would be able to make decoys that can block myopponents moves or take up their spaces until tey are destroyed

Author:   TheRealityKiller
Date:   Jun 6, 09 at 11:53pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Net Navi and character
Character: None

Net Navi: Prototype 666

Powers: Power up multiple times similar to Super Saiyan, to energize any part of self to increase damage, gains the powers of every defeated opponent

Creator: Unknown Virus-Navi in the deepest part of the Undernet

Primary Objective: To hunt down and kill all 665 other prtotypes before they can be used to take over the world. Then find and execute his creator.

Appearance: (haven't thought of something awesome enough)

Element: Ever-Changing

Weapons: Self-Mutating Body that adapts according to the enemy, surroundings, current power level, emotion, health or, held item/weapon/navi/program/virus.

Strengths: High Speed, Size of a Normal Navi, Survived a direct hit from Bass/Forte's EarthBreak, Heals quickly similar to Wolverine, Strength allows him to pick up and carry anything from a Navi to a building, can anticipate enemy movements 2 seconds ahead, revives 24 hours after dieing if body is intact or if someone says "Prototype Number Six Six Six Activate and Resume Primary Objective" but has no memory of any gained powers and, no opperator

Weaknesses: No Armor, No Actual Weapon, Limited Power Level (approximately 100 mutations a day or 4 power-ups a day), not ressistant to anything, health only 3000, High Speed makes attacks somewhat inaccurate and, no opperator

Story: Created to take over the world but, deemed a flaw when something in his programming made his hatred towards humans reverse to the other Prototypes instead. When his creator tried to kill him with his Prototype Execution Transmitter but, unbeknownst to his creator it didn't work it only weakened him enough to seem dead long enough to make it believable.

Author:   electricgaara
Date:   Jul 1, 09 at 11:27pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Net Navi and character
Character: Ace Bludd
Age: 15
Sex: male
Ocupation: none
Team: none
Job: Navi Hunter
Comes from: shadow city

Net Navi: Chaosman

Drk thunder
Drk fire stream
Drk tsunami
Drk vines
Drk sword
Drk wide sword
Drk long sword
Drk long blade
Drk wide blade
Drk drill
Drk plus
Drk recovery
Protoman DS
Gutsman DS
Bass DS
Roll DS
Drk Vulcan
Drk meteors
Drk beam
Chaosman DS
Elac Gospel DS
Aqua Gospel DS
Fire Gospel DS
Wood Gospel DS

Death Sword=Drk sword+Drk wide sword+Drk long sword:666+bug
Double Villain= Drk long blade+Drk wide blade+Protoman DS:800
Apocalypse= Drk thunder+Drk firestream+Drk tsunami+Drk vines: 400 per hit
Dark Command= Protoman DS+Gutsman DS+Drk plus: 450+bug
Death Storm= Drk Vulcan+Drk meteors+Drk beam: 600+bug
Gospel DS= Elec Gospel DS+Aqua Gospel DS+Fire Gospel DS+Wood Gospel DS: 300 per hit+bug
Dark Mayhem= Drk drill+Drk plus+Drk recovery+Roll DS: 500+heal fully
Ragnarok= Bass DS+Chaosman DS+Drk plus+Drk Beam+Gospel DS: 1000 per hit+destroy all enemy open panels

Special Powers: Dark Program Advanced, Drk resistance (can't be tainted by darkness)

Other: Has never failed to delete his target...

"I delete for money, no matter who's paying..."

Author:   keeneh55
Date:   Jul 4, 09 at 12:37pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Net Navi and character
name: Houst Keene
Age: 15
sex: male
Occupation: Net Saver
Team: Dragon
Job:Net Saver
Comes from: Dragon Sky City

Net Navi: Saberman
Hero Sword
Elec Sword
Fire Sword
Aqua Sword
Bamboo Sword

Element Sword (Elec Sword + Fire Sword + Aqua Sword + Bamboo Sword)

Hero Murumasa: Hero Sword + Murumasa

Saber Sword: Fire Sword + Elec Sword + Aqua Sword + Bamboo Sword + Murumasa + Hero Sword

Other: Ultimate Sword Navi

"I am a knight, so I fight with honor and Mercy. No matter what."

Author:   Madness_Hero
Date:   Jul 9, 09 at 1:30pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Net Navi and character
Name: Apollo
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Occupation: Villain
Team: WWW
Job: None
Comes From: World 3 Island

Net Navi: ProtoBass *An artificial navi created from battle data of Protoman and Bass*
HP: 5000

QuickSlash Dam: 100
BackSlash Dam: 100
Teleport Slash Dam: 100
Ultima Slash Dam: 450

Red Power Dam: 100 per hit
Blue Power Dam: 300
Yellow Power Dam: 500
Ultima Power Dam: 300 per hit

MasterSword Dam: 250

Aura *Resists damage under 100, used as soon as you destroy Ultima-Aura, and used every 5 seconds after destroyed*
Ultima-Aura *Resists damage under 250*

Element: None
Weakness: None
Most effective Chips against: Zeus Hammer, PA's that do over 250 damage.

Author:   thomas323
Date:   Sep 28, 09 at 12:12am (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Net Navi and character
ok your ganna love this

character:Thomas tagimoto
looks:simple shirt:shorts:shoes:and a baseball cap
occupation:spie ish he creates fake i dentatys to bolth help and hurt people

size:same as character
looks:dark red with 2 white stripes going down his body double jointed legs for speed and long arms for easy sording

main power:double dagger :creates two long swords without handles from his elbo to fingers on bolth sides

c i told u u would like it

p.s its mine dont copy

Author:   Xelrog T Apocalypse
Date:   Oct 16, 09 at 12:36am (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Net Navi and character
Ah... what the hell.

Character: Xelrog T. Apocalypse
Age: 25(?)
Sex: Male

Previous NetNavi: PsyMan
Element: None
Battle Chips: None.
- Impenetrable defense.
- Capable of telekinetically manipulating objects in own area.
Other: Abandoned for complete lack of offensive ability.

Current NetNavi: AntiMan
Element: None
Battle Chips:
- Implsion (1000 damage, auto-aim)
- Pressure (100 damage, cracks all panels, slows movement)
- Invisible, defense-piercing attack patterns.
- Heals self upon damaging enemy.
- Damages enemy instead of self upon being hit.
Other: Both damaged heavily and stunned for long periods of time upon enemy's use of recovery chips.

EDIT: Anyone who's not just here to try to be ridiculously cheap and top everyone else? I'll admit mine's basically all-or-nothing, but it's got a pretty damn severe weakness to back it up.

Author:   TechnoWeirdo
Date:   Oct 17, 09 at 4:00pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Net Navi and character
comes from-ACDC city
occupation -im only twelve

Name Cactusman
affiliation- commander beef squad
special attacks-needle buster
special ability- can penetrate all shields

Author:   Xelrog T Apocalypse
Date:   Oct 18, 09 at 12:13pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Create your own Net Navi and character
... just for fun.

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