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Author:   Ultravegeta
Date:   Feb 14, 12 at 1:54pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Xenogears
One of the bosses should give you a tough fight. Won't spoil it for you.

But overall, the game is relatively easy. It's all about the strong storyline and characters. I love the fun battle system as well. Learning your characters' final moves is cool! ;D

Author:   The Ginger Dude
Date:   Mar 26, 12 at 2:39pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Xenogears
Xenogears is one of my all-time fav. in both rpgs and games period, I recently found one about two weeks ago for around $60, Unfortunetly when i grab a old-timer i used to play, It takes awhile for me to play them, Reason is i have it so no need to rush or anything...Also i'm too lazy to hook up my ps1 now.

I'm waiting for Xenoblade to arrive still since i'm from Murrica,Expecting great things from this that is forged from God's very flame.

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