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Author:   JJBDude
Date:   Apr 9, 05 at 12:01am (PST)
Subject:   Beyond The Unthinkable
A few minutes ago I just read a preview of this game in the Official Playstation 2 Magazine for the United Kingdom and it look mindblowingly crazy. This is not like any other shooting game, this is unique and this is because of it's weirdness. The storyline is baffling and the developer of the game said people not understanding the storyline of the game is important, that it helps add to the games crazyness. So what do you think about the game?

Author:   Metronome
Date:   Apr 10, 05 at 6:39am (PST)
Subject:   re: Beyond The Unthinkable
I also feel what you feel, I have seen trailers of this game for game cube I think it is already out for game cube. I cannot wait to play this game on ps2 thow. It sure will be one of a kind.

Author:   Shuck
Date:   Aug 6, 05 at 7:56pm (PST)
Subject:   re: Beyond The Unthinkable
It is meant to be a pretty good game but as you said, I mind blowing one.

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