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Author:   missvulpecula
Date:   May 25, 04 at 7:44pm (PST)
Subject:   firecracker/xp
I am running kq7 in xp. I am stuck at the part where you pick up the firecracker. It immediately goes off, and I've already installed the patch. I've tried running it in win95 and win98. What am I doing wrong? I went to the link on the other thread about this that has the walkthrough, but it didn't work. Help!

Author:   mishiann
Date:   Nov 3, 04 at 6:24pm (PST)
Subject:   re: firecracker/xp
I am having the same problem!! Can someone help me? I really need it!! HELP ME!!

Author:   karabear513
Date:   Jan 18, 08 at 4:57am (PST)
Subject:   re: firecracker/xp
Me too! It's driving me nuts!!! I'll be very upset to do all this work just to have it stop here!!!!

Author:   junkejinx
Date:   Mar 9, 09 at 2:46am (PST)
Subject:   re: firecracker/xp
I have the same problem too but I realized that all you have to do is keep pressing "Yes" to start over and just inch your way over there step by step. It's kind of annoying but you'll get there eventually. Just keep pressing "yes" and walking 2 screens left (west) to where the black-cloaked crying lady was. lol this was ridiculous to figure out.

Author:   mngamace
Date:   May 27, 12 at 10:19pm (PST)
Subject:   re: firecracker/xp
I'm running on a Windows 7. In order to help me move fast, I had to make my computer run slower (ironic right?). I pulled up several internet windows (loaded up a video on youtube), took my power settings to "power saver" mode and started running itunes (with music playing).

This helped me go from a half step and "BOOM" to a couple steps before the BOOM. ALSO... when you get in the frame with the crypt... you'll be able to move quite a bit when the count rides by... SO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT!

Hope this helps!

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