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Author:   Dynamite
Date:   Dec 9, 04 at 10:59am (PST)
Subject:   How to get a Forum & Profile Created (Games, Books & Movies)
Noticed a game, movie or book that doesn't appear within our database? Then we encourage you to help us out by submitting a new profile request and providing us with information about it!

The process is fairly self-explanatory. Before starting, it would be a good idea to double check our database to ensure the product definitely doesn't have a profile. You should also check the relevant submission queue to ensure a request for it isn't already pending. Once you've done that and are happy that it isn't in our system, start a new submission and be sure to include as much information as possible to increase the speed and likelihood that it will be approved. Each approved complete profile contribution will earn the contributor 7 NeoPoints.

See below for the relevant links:


Profile Submission Form

[ Pending Game Submissions | Pending Movie Submissions | Pending Book Submissions ]


For an in-depth guide to profile submissions, and all other contribution types for that matter, see the Contributions Guide NeoWiki page.

The ultimate overseer for product profiles and profile creation is Wolfwood. You can shoot him a NeoPM if you have any problems or queries about the submission process. Alternatively, you can head to the Site Contributor's Forum to ask questions or to request advice from experienced contributors or contribution staff who'll be glad to assist you.

Thanks for your interest in helping make Neoseeker more complete!

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