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Author:   Redemption
Date:   Dec 7, 01 at 3:59am (PST)
Subject:   Forumwide Rules of Conduct, Etiquette And Acceptable Behavior
Conduct expected whilst you are on Neoforums falls along the lines of common sense etiquette/nettiquette. When you go out of your way to be annoying, you can expect to be warned or banned. In general, we ask you to refrain from irritating behaviors such as flaming, trolling, and spamming. Furthermore, please do not attempt to distribute or discuss any illegal software or counterfeit merchandise.

Advertising is not permitted within forum posts, and that those who sign up with the sole intention of selling a product or gaining traffic will be banned. Additionally, the forums have a reasonably young audience, and as such posting pornographic or other tasteless imagery is not allowed.

Your account is your own, and therefore it is your own responsibility to secure it. Telling us your brother, cousin, mean best friend, or evil twin used your account will not make a difference in any sanctions you encounter due to misbehavior coming from your account. Similarly, accessing someone else's account without permission is prohibited. We have tools to track this and when you're caught, your own account will be banned.

Bans applied to accounts vary according to the offense and are at the discretion of the banning moderator. Bans will usually be preceded by a warning, though may not always be. Bypassing any ban is not allowed and is inadvisable because history has shown us that you will inevitably be found out. Bans may be revised by the judgment of the site moderators, and contacting the appropriate moderator is the only sensible way for you to return to the forums if you find yourself banned.

Purchasing account upgrades, donating or performing any other monetary transactions with Neo Era Media, Inc. does not confer any special privileges or entitlements other than those advertised as part of the upgrade(s) sold. We reserve the right to terminate or otherwise limit your use of site features at any time for rule infractions or for any, or no, reason entirely at our discretion. Refunds will not be issued for any purchased items which you happen to lose access to as a result of account sanctions, termination or closure.

As a final note, forum level moderators often implement guidelines or policies localized to cater to their specific forums, and these should be adhered to in addition to what is stated here. It is prohibited to challenge moderators in public or discuss moderator or staff actions which includes, but is not limited to: thread closures, bans, post deletions, edited messages and warnings unless expressly invited to do so. Any inquiries, feedback or grievances on these matters should first be directed to moderators via private message or email. You may also petition the administration to investigate a matter should you feel it necessary either via the aforementioned channels or through the Complaints and Reports procedure. The administration's conclusion is final on any disputes raised through this process.

The rules here are purposefully brief. They represent the spirit in which the forums are moderated, and have the sole purpose of removing those who wish to be disruptive.

We hope you enjoy your stay on the forums.

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