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Author:   Deathman48
Date:   Mar 28, 08 at 10:28pm (PST)
Subject:   Supermoderator Activity
The purpose of this post is to hopefully inform more people about which Supermoderators currently are and aren't active on the site. Sometimes people simply don't know whether or not someone is active apart from word of mouth because there's really no way to publicise the information aside from Signatures/Custom Titles and the like. Often this results in members getting annoyed that they haven't had a reply to their PM because they didn't know that the Supermoderator was away. What this post won't be for is if one of us needs to go away for a couple of days due to a trip or something. You should still allow a couple of days or so for your PM to be read and replied to. This will serve as a more general guide of which Supermoderators are largely inactive in a site role for whatever the reason is as opposed to who isn't here on occasional days. Also just because a Supermoderator appears and makes a post or two does not mean they are back to full activity. It may just be that they are trying to keep up to date with the latest happenings so that they aren't totally out of the loop upon returning. If you see Inactive by someone's name, you should not expect a response from any private messages you send to that person. If you see Limited Activity by someone's name, responses may be delayed. This is regardless of how much you do or don't see them posting on the forums.

Perhaps a feature will be implemented later to help stop members PMing inactive Supermoderators and expecting a response, such as a message warning that they are away. But until that happens, if this post informs only a few more people about which Supermoderators are and aren't around, it will have been a benefit.

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