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Author:   Superfast Oz
Date:   Dec 16, 07 at 11:35am (PST)
Subject:   Complaints & Reports Process
Hey all,

You will undoubtedly notice that the Complaints & Reports forum is now private. We haven't closed it as such, we have just revised the process by which complaints/reports are submitted, and how they are handled from there on.

Using the link below, you will still be able to make a new thread in the Complaints & Reports forum, however you once you submit you will not be able to view the complaint or make further posts. For this reason, it is of course imperative that you give us as much information as possible and ensure the accuracy of the post.

The supermods will then review the posts and will contact all parties as necessary. This process ensures that this whole procedure is now private, which protects both the person complaining, and the person being complained about. In no way will either party be disadvantaged by this system, as we will ensure that evidence is viewed objectively and from both sides of the table.

Submit A Complaint/Report

Please note the following simple guidelines before making your post.

What shouldn't you post here?

What should you post here?

Use of the Complaints & Reports Process

The use of this process is entirely optional. If you prefer, you may wish to submit your issue directly to a supermod. The current active supermods that you may PM are listed below.

Useful Contacts

The active Supermoderators are listed on the right hand side of the forum header in ReQuests, Feedback and Suggestions and are also listed in the Supermoderator Activity thread.

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