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Author:   Heatherrrrrrr
Date:   Mar 20, 01 at 3:27pm (PST)
Subject:   HELP!
Im having trouble installing the Mtv Music Generator. I have Windows 95, and I do have DirectX 7.0. Everytime I install it, it gets to 85%, then says: "An error occured during the moe data process:-121" What do I do? I'd really like to use the program.

Author:   Casper40
Date:   May 1, 01 at 7:43am (PST)
Subject:   re: HELP!
This might help!
I have DirectX 8 and when i first tried to install using the autorun it kick me out with some DirectX conflict.
So I used explore to run Setup.exe from the CD and it was ok.
Its worth a try if you havent already.
Good luck.

The friendly ghost.

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