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Author:   Soldier
Date:   Apr 9, 04 at 10:18pm (PST)
Subject:   FFT Fanfics And Graphics
Index of FFT Fanfics and Graphics

This thread is a compilation of FFT fanfics or graphics written or created by Neoseeker members. If you'd like to submit a fanfic or a graphic, please post it in its own thread in [The Writer's Lounge] or PM me the picture and provide Me with a link either via PM or using this thread. It will be indexed shortly after, with credit given to you, the author/creator.

Fanfics Index
Graphics Index

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Author:   Iscariot
Date:   Apr 10, 04 at 7:21pm (PST)
Subject:   re: FFT Fanfics
§ · All right guys, here's my idea: I'd like for you all to post any fanfics you have [here], in the Writer's Lounge. We'll use this thread as sort of an index of FFT fanfics you guys have made and will have links to each one.

Any questions, comments, or concerns should be posted here.

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