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Author:   manhtrang1412
Date:   Jul 6, 13 at 2:02pm (PST)
Subject:   New Game + problems
This is my first time finishing LoD, and i just knew about the new game + thing, so i have some issues with that. I try to google but none of the results can answer my questions, so here they are:

1. I equip Legend Casque and Armor of Legend to Albert, so will i lose them when i come back to Lavitz in new game plus? (same thing for Shana and Miranda)

2. Lavitz was about lv17 when i died, so i know that he will remain just like that in new game +, but when i get back Albert, what will his level be? lv30s just like in my first play, or it'll be whatever Lavitz is in the second play? (same thing for Shana and Miranda) *it'd suck if i have to train Albert again cuz he's my main party (Rose and Albert)*

3. Will item chests be opened or closed? cuz i want to get second therapy ring and bandit's shoes.

4. When i finish my new game +, can i do new game ++, +++, and so on?

Plz help me, i don't have anyplace else to ask

Author:   Bag_San
Date:   Jul 6, 13 at 3:02pm (PST)
Subject:   re: New Game + problems
I believe this is a glitch. There's a thread about it on Gamefaqs. Try typing in Legend of Dragoon Walkthrough, Gamefaqs and do a thread search there's some information and discussion about it there.

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