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Author:   artmiller
Date:   Jan 30, 13 at 12:42am (PST)
Subject:   Bose PC speaker noisy interference! HELP!
OK, all. Try getting your heads round this one...

I have an expensive set of Bose PC speakers -- left and right desktop and a hefty subwoofer.

All have worked fine for a year. But suddenly I am getting very loud intermittent crackling interference on them. It begins with a buzz and then quickly transforms into a loud crackle. So loud in fact that it renders them unusable. When it gets so bad they also stop working all together.

If I plug my headphones into the socket on the Bose volume control I get no interference.

Now here`s the rub. The crackling interference continues even if I turn off my PC and ALL other electrical items in my home! I have even tried plugging the speakers in different rooms and I still get noise.

So -- is the interference coming from a neighbour`s house, perhaps? What else could it be? Faulty speakers? They were working fine for a year.

It`s driving me crazy and I do not want to dump £200 pounds worth of PC speakers.

Any suggestions would be very welcome. Thanks in advance, Art


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