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by Raveg64
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May 10, 14  9:08am by Marcelvm
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Jun 24, 14  7:59am by Jimthelad
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Jun 07, 14  11:12am by JamesFenton14
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by me
Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting MHDH Drinks
Mar 24, 13  7:49am by Dawnmetty
Monster Hunter Frontier re: Introduce yourself!
May 09, 14  10:38pm by Islandram76
Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Airu Village re: Successful?
Dec 21, 10  6:13am by deltasun
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Monster Hunter Freedom re: [Quest] Deliver 3 herbivore eggs
Jun 24, 14  7:59am by Jimthelad
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re: Nordic Games Discuss Continuation of Darksiders ...
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General PSP re: My PSP problem flash0... my PSP 1001
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General Nintendo 3DS re: Nintendo holding first Super Smash Bros. 3DS tou...
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PC Games and Steam DayZ, Who's a fan here?
by Baseborn
Monster Hunter Frontier G Monster Hunter Frontier GG premier package announced
Feb 19, 14  3:53am by Aurigae
Monster Hunter 2 (Import) re: Need recipe of Main Sail
May 15, 14  2:50am by sciencegenius
Monster Hunter Online (Import) "Capcom: Bring Monster Hunter Online to the World" P...
Sep 22, 13  1:27pm by JucaMeiloco
Monster Hunter G (Import) re: Importing.
Jun 23, 13  4:51am by RaThaLoS 123 MhFu
Monster Hunter Frontier (Import) re: where can i download monster hunter frontier?
Apr 30, 14  12:53pm by tenvs321
Monster Hunter G (Import) re: ENGLISH GAMES PLEASE!!!
Oct 24, 10  3:24pm by neji 9889

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Welcome to Neoseeker's Monster Hunter Community!

Many friendly hunters who are willing to answer and help you with your problems, come join the hunting with the newest game Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Or check out the next title in the franchise Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. On these forums you can organize hunt with other members and exchange friend codes. Don't forget to visit the Tavern to have a drink with your fellow hunters.

If you feel like you know your stuff, contribute to the Monster Hunter Neowiki. A repository of information pertaining to monster hunter games, new and old!

Monster Hunter is a huge world where monsters roam and hunting is second nature!

Happy Hunting!

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