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Neoforums Special Markup Help:

(special tags to allow HTML like layout without using HTML)

Some forums have regular HTML disabled for security reasons, but the Neoforum system allows for special markup tags that enable users to post messages with some limited HTML like formatting of text using tags we call nTags. The following guide has examples of some of these features.

Additional Examples and Tips

There is also an indepth member maintained nTags guide, which includes detailed examples and also "Tips and tricks" and advanced formatting help that goes far beyond the examples here. It is strongly recommended you check it out if you want additional help.

[link]url[/link]Standard link. url in the form of http://www.something.com, the result of this tag is to link to the url using the name as "url".

A more advanced usage is:

[link name=words to link]url[/link]

This usage allows you to link a URL to specific words, for example:
[link name=Neoseeker]http://www.neoseeker.com[/link]

An alternate method is to use wiki style linking, which is easier to type:

[url words-to-link]

[http://www.neoseeker.com/ Come to Neoseeker!]

[url]url[/url]Synonymous with [link][/link]. This is here for people used to using the UBB tags.
[b]text[/b] or '''text'''

[i]text[/i] or ''text''


Basic text format tags, equivalent to their HTML twins (bold, italics, and underline tags, respectively). To apply multiple effects, you must use multiple tags.

If you are familiar with MediaWiki syntax, you can use ''', '', and ''''' to bold, italicize and bold+italicize text.
[img]image url[/img] Embed an image in the message. Make sure the URL to the image starts with http://.

A more advanced form of this tag allows you to make the image link to a page:

[img link=url]image url[/img]

The above would embed the image, and link it to "url".

[youtube]video url[/youtube] Embed a Youtube video in message. Make sure the URL to the image starts with http://.

Short hand method: [yt]vMJZq9qIs6Y[/yt]
To start at a particular time, in seconds add start=
eg: [youtube start=50]otCpCn0l4Wo[/youtube]

[twitch]video url[/twitch] Embed a Twitch video stream. Make sure the URL to the image starts with http://.


[embed]video url[/embed] Embed an Youtube or Vimeo video in message. Make sure the URL to the image starts with http://.




Apply a quote type format to the text.

A more advanced method is:

[quote=user name]text[/quote]
[q=user name]text[/quote]

This method allows you to display a quote box as well as the name of the user you quoted it from.

Quoting with link

[quote=user name|http://www.neoseeker.com/]text[/quote]

The above will link the quote to http://www.neoseeker.com

Allows you to place code and have it retain its formatting using HTMl5's <pre><code> tags.

The code tag uses js syntax highlighting to try to highlight the code being shown. It has a language auto-deteciton capability, but you can specify the EXACT language to make highlighting work better by using the format:

The acceptable languages are: php,javascript,css,xhtml,html,perl,sql,ruby,cpp,cs,java,python,bash,ini,diff (all lower case).
[color=color code]text[/color] Control the color of text between these tags. Replace color code with a standard HTML color code. eg #000000 for black. You can also use common IE/Netscape color names such as "red", "blue", "black" etc.
[div align={left/right/center}]text[/div] Control text alignment.
[ul]text[/ul] Place your text in between these two brackets to indent.
[li] Bullet Point.

A more advanced method of using bullet points can be found by including the bullet point markup inside the indent markup:


Also, by placing your bullet points in indenting tags, you're able to change the bullet sybol itself by simply adding more indenting tags.
Using a combination of [ol] and [li] tags, you're able to create a numbered list.

Create an unordered list using a simpler syntax. The code to the left will result in:
  • one
  • two
    • two
    • three

Create an ordered list using a simpler syntax. The code to the left will result in:
  1. one
  2. two
    1. two
    2. three

[spoiler]text[/spoiler] Wrap text or images in a spoiler box, which users need to click to open up. This is good for game, movie, or book spoilers, as well as preventing huge images from overwhelming readers.

You can use a title for the spoiler using [spoiler=title]spoiler[/spoiler]

[sub]text[/sub] Allows smaller letters to appear at the bottom of the line. Example:

[sup]text[/sup] Just like the [sub][/sub] tags, this allows you to make smaller letters to appear at the top of the line. Example:

[size=1/2/3/4]text[/size] Changes the size of your text. 1 being the smallest and 4 being the biggest.
[link name=text]#anch1[/link] This allows you to create anchors. Use the following to complete the anchor:

[[w.wikiname:pagename|link text]] Link easily to any NeoWiki page. This is a very simple syntax identical to interwiki linking. An example usage would be:

[date]YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM[/date]

[date zone=U]YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM[/date]
Create a dynamic date that will display in the viewer's own timezone. For most users, using the [date][/date] form with no zone is sufficient.

Input a date and time in the YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM format in your own time, and the output will always be in the timezone and format chosen by the viewer.

Don't forget that most of this markup is useable in your signature, so you can link a small image or link to your favourite homepage in your sig.