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Sep 9, 07 at 2:49amscreamo

alright guys. my first post here. i recently talked with a prof of mine who's an audiophile. he asked me a question i couldn't answer. is FLAC better than wav? also he wanted to know i FLAC was ripped at either 19kb or 24 kb? it may not be kb tho...any help is appreciated. thanks.

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Feb 24, 13 at 10:11pm

just download foobar2000 like every other music lover. plays everything. can customize it like crazy. supports a bunch of plugins and output stuffs (directsound, wasapi, etc).

makes windows media player and everything else feel retarded.

Feb 24, 13 at 5:24pm

I am considering building a new gaming rig.

Feb 24, 13 at 8:56am
Carlos Duvignau

I have a nice FLAC player running on my Macbook with mountain lion, it's called VOX.

It has an awesome interface, a cool equalizer with some presets.

I TOTALLY recommend it!

Hope it helps you.

Feb 17, 13 at 4:23am

wow, just watching, it's a pretty old thread

Feb 17, 13 at 4:22am

All digital studios are recording either in .wav or .aiff, never in .flac! So converting tracks produced in wav, into flac seems quite impossible to sound better. Read me?
It's a different question, when you want to rip a CD or digitalize an LP recorded before the digital era. You won't hear the difference between flac and wav, ...until you're a trained sound engineer and has top-notch studio monitors (STARTS around 2500$ for a pair , or maybe not even then.
The Wave file has several types, differing by resolution. The quality all depends of the Bit depth (in bits) and the Sample rate (in Hz). A CD quality is at a bit depth of 16bit and sample rate at 44100 Hz. That means that the amplitude of the waveform is "pictured" 44100 times per second in a depth of 16bits, that allows 96dB of dynamic range. Imagine a sound wave in a coordinate-system, and then imagine the Sample rate as the X-axis, and the Bit depth as the Y-axis.

In studio they rarely ever use anything higher than 48kHz at 24bit, because human ear just can't hear the difference at all, and it just takes more space on the hard drive. The higher rates has to do something with stretching and modulating the audiofiles, so it doesn't sound totally awful when you stretch the untight Drumtakes or Vocals for example...

Hope it helped something

Sep 23, 07 at 11:16pm

I use Media Monkey (get it here) to play and organize all the media files. As long as you have the FLAC codec installed (get it here) you will be able to use the program to play FLAC as well as use it to convert any other formats to FLAC.

As stated before, both formats are loss less, but FLAC compresses the file some what, so the files will be smaller, but sound just as good. If you don't have the room for a library of WAV songs (not many people do) then I suggest switching.

I also have the codec package linked by unofficial_GT_master and it allows me to play FLAC in Windows Media Player as well as Media Player Classic, which is good.

Finally, keep in mind that if you like to edit audio in any shape or form using Sound Forge, Audition, , Acid, etc... They will most likely not be able to read the FLAC files, you will need to convert them to another format to edit them.

Hope this helped!

Sep 12, 07 at 11:31am

If you want to use .ogg or .flac files in Windows Media Player, you can download these codecs. Once installed, you should have no problem playing them at all, and they won't alter anything on your computer or media player. I've been using this for quite some time now.

Direct link to download

Sep 11, 07 at 2:00am
Master of the VG

I also prefer FLAC because of better compression. However, if you're looking for a PMP to play FLAC, the selection will be limited. I believe Meizu has some players that can play FLAC.

Sep 11, 07 at 12:41am

Well I already stated my preference ,but to be honest I don't have many .wav files for comparison.

On the other hand, I think that pretty much any media player out there can handle .wav files, while it requires some searching to find one that plays .FLAC files.

Sep 11, 07 at 12:30am

this is helping but i was curious if anyone here had a preference of wav over FLAC or vice versa?

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