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Sep 08, 07 at 7:52pmLonewolf04

I think so! I belive that they are! -no laughing- but It's weird because my digivise broke and before it did It started beeping AFTER I told my digimon to sleep. In which case how can it beep? Then my other Digivise totally dissapeared! My parents and sister never saw it and i tore up my entire room! Another thing i keep having these strange fellings like I'm looking for something but I don't know what and that I need to help something somewere! I swear one night I woke up and my computer was making weird sounds like it was on but it wasn't plugged in! Also I have weird dreams and when I wake up I can only remeber someone asking for help!

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Oct 04, 14 at 2:02am

i made a chatroom for real Digidestined to chat in

Oct 04, 14 at 1:45am

i know Digimon are real, and i know there are real Digidestined hiding among us, some people have made up stories for attention but maybe some of them are true.

can someone help me find my Digimon partner? i know i have one, i heard them talk to me once, and i thought i even saw them once but it was like a shadow with light behind it and i couldn't see who it was.

Oct 02, 14 at 9:51am

the internet if full of information and binary code. if you look up digimon its there so if there is a bunch of 1s and 0s contain information on digimon then there you have it those are the digimon because digimon are basically binary code and information and the internet is getting smarter so it may be possible for living programs to be living in the 2nd dimension and its possible to transfer them in the 3rd and see them int the 4th dimension and transport ourselves there through the 5th. but my question is how?

Oct 02, 14 at 8:11am

in theory if digimon are digital and they reside as information or binary code then they would exist which means they do. which means the real question is how do we as humans get to where ever it is they reside

Oct 02, 14 at 7:59am

i think i found a way to at least play games with virtual reality because you can use simple programs and a vr helmet and you can actually experience the game differently. and yes it would be cool to actually beam into a computer.

Oct 01, 14 at 10:29am

They are real I have seen and heard them. Also I'm going there again in 16 more weeksweeks I can't wait to see everyone again.

Oct 01, 14 at 10:26am

quote Kuda-Kitsune
I'm skeptical that digimon are real... Did anyone have photographic evidence?im a minor believer... but still, has anyone seen a REAL digimon before? They only claim to sometimes for attention, not that i hv proof or anything. It's highly unlikely... Even if they are real, they may not approach humans as no human is completely pure, we are prone to bitterness, jealousy, hatred etc.

For Bigfoot, Nessie and Dragons, we have myths and legends surrounding them. I love digimon a lot, but I don't think they will appear unless there is GRAVE GRAVE danger, something we never want to happen.

I mean, if digimon is real, won't some go on a rampage and y'now, kill us all? The strong destroys/rules the weak, that is the law of the Digital World, according to the shows and manga.

Humans, although highly intelligent, are weak compared to mutated creatures that can burn us, cut us up and blast us to smithereens!

But still.. It would be cool..


I think
I theorise
I conclude
I believe

Sep 28, 14 at 6:56am
Dramon Knight

Heh, imagine a Digimon-based Virtual Reality game. That'd be pretty cool, it'd be fitting too since the idea would basically be you digitizing yourself.

Sep 24, 14 at 4:03pm

digimon are made of data, programming, etc so of course they are real... just because we cannot hold them in our arms, doesnt mean they are not real... the internet is real and it is made up of the same exact thing that digimon are made of..... data, programs, software, all that stuff we call "technology"
Nobody said anything about actually petting a digimon like our dogs or cats.
think twice before doubting the existence of digimon.. the digital world in the anime is just an exaggerated version of the world wide web we use to make this forum -_- pretty flippin obvious if you ask me

Jul 13, 14 at 3:52pm

For more info go to
ht tp://digitalparadise.forums-fo rfree.c om/
Ps. Cut out spaces of that link

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