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Aug 18, 07 at 1:45amJay_Z

Just noticed this forum was created a few seconds ago and thought I'd create an introduction thread. Hey everyone, I'm Jay_Z and I can code in advanced HTML, XHTML & CSS, basic JavaScript & intermediate PHP (along with MySQL integration). Looking forward to this forum getting a little more traffic, it'll certainly help me review and refresh the material in my mind.

Member Database
    The purpose of this Member database is to provide people with a means of personal contact in case anyone wants some 1-on-1 help. Create this emplate is by no means necessary, but if you put up contact details be prepared if someone wants to contact you for any reason.

    If you're interested in participating, copy this template and put in your information:

    [size=4][b]YOUR USERNAME[/b][/size] - [link name=[b]Profile[/b]][/link] | [link name=[b]PM[/b]][/link]
    Knowledge Areas:
    Web Design Experience:

    Though the first three fields should ideally be uniform, feel free to add/omit and contact fields you wish. Also note the purpose of this database, if you don't know very much and aren't in a position to help someone, participating may not be the best idea. Lastly, if you add this in at a later date or you update something, shoot Artificer or I (I guess Jay_Z could also do ) a PM and we'll update it for you.

    Sei - Profile | PM
    Knowledge Areas: (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
    Web Design Experience: 1 Year.
    AIM: neoandyds


    Armed Rebel - Profile | PM
    Knowledge Areas: (X)HTML, CSS, XML
    Web Design Experience: Built a small website and forums software
    AIM: Ajs3371


    bobbonew - Profile | PM
    Knowledge Areas: advanced php, html, css, mysql, apache
    Web Design Experience: able to create entire php/database websites from scratch for about 5 yrs now
    MSN: n/a
    AIM: newbobbo


    Ecto5 - Profile | PM
    Knowledge Areas: HTML, CSS
    Web Design Experience: Has taken two classes on HTML, one on CSS.


    lord monkey - Profile | PM
    Knowledge Areas: (X)HTML, CSS
    Web Design Experience: 5 yrs
    Email: (Checked more often than PM.)


    Mly - Profile | PM
    Knowledge Areas: very minor HTML from experience, very minor general knowledge from reading books, C&P'ing HTML code & such, possibly some game programming skill that appeared from nowhere. The threats of computer-killing were thinly-veiled ones to make people leave me alone.
    Web Design Experience: My NeoHome is the only webpage I've used.


    Sprite enslaver - Profile | PM
    Knowledge Areas: HTML, CSS, Advanced Potato Consumptino
    Web Design Experience: Not much
    AIM: none


    The Black Soldier - Profile | PM

    Knowledge Areas: HTML.
    Web Design Experience: NeoHome.
    AIM: --------


    Tom - Profile | PM
    Knowledge Areas: PHP(strong), MySQL (strong),(X)HTML (strong), CSS (strong), JavaScript (average)
    Web Design Experience: Done several large projects with PHP, MySQL, XHTML and CSS


    willbaxter93 - Profile | PM
    Knowledge Areas: PHP
    Web Design Experience: Tought PHP by an expert and am currently learning HTML/XHTML


    Nightmare Spawn - Profile | PM
    Knowledge Areas: HTML/CSS (Average)
    Web Design Experience: Created Own Forum & Personal Webpages


    legohalflife2man - Profile | PM
    Knowledge Areas: Advanced HTML, Intermediate CSS, Intermediate PHP
    Web Design Experience: I've coded many websites in HTML. My main website is a completely PHP-driven community website and forum that I designed mostly myself.
    AIM: legohalflife2man


    Sapphire Dragon - Profile | PM
    Knowledge Areas: HTML, CSS, some PHP, and a little Python Scripting.
    Web Design Experience: I have made about a total of 3 small websites with HTML.

Thread Recap (last 10 posts from newest to oldest)

Dec 15, 14 at 5:42am

Hello! I'm Gamerdude97
I have worked alittle bit with HTML in my time and i will most likely try to help other rookies with their problems in this section.

Feb 22, 14 at 1:51pm

I am a 37 years old father and Software Developer/Architecture - Project Manager. I love the computer. I play about 27 years with Commodore64/Amiga/386 and so on.

My current favourite is Dark Souls, and sometimes play with Battlefield 4, Disgaea 3, Persona 4, God Hand, Final Fantasy X.

I read when I have time, and I have to wait something.

The human about to think (analyze everything).

<<Live long and prosper>>

Feb 20, 13 at 9:26pm

Hello every one. I am new here. I have done masters in IT .Here I learn more about development.

Oct 14, 11 at 2:50am


Knowledge Areas: Html -Css

Web Design Experience: None-Wishing To Change That

May 26, 11 at 1:37am

Cool, I'll look forward to seeing you around garychencool.

May 26, 11 at 12:48am

garychencool - Profile | PM

Knowledge Areas: Computer-related stuff which include computer building, modding, fixing, breaking, coding, hacking, gaming, yeah stuff like that.

Web Design Experience: Absolutely none, coding in DreamWeaver. I've been going in Split Mode to try to understand the code

May 9, 11 at 9:58pm

Welcome, Itchi!

Yes HTML is pretty useful. Ever since I've learnt it it's never escaped my mind... it's just stuck in there. It's definitely worth any power-user of the web taking the time to master (along with CSS).

May 9, 11 at 8:56pm

Hi I'm Itchi
I came here to try and better myself in html

Basic knowledge of html

Web Design experience
I took a couple classes in high school. Unfortunately I was young and didn't realize how useful html would be in my future.

Jul 28, 10 at 3:46pm

I'm harb. I'm new to web design (kinda). For A Level, I recently created my first website using a table layout (I wasn't taught how to use CSS properly) at that time I did know about CSS and how it could be used, but I didn't know how to take full advantage. I mainly used CSS to manage text styles such as headers and what not.

Since then, I have expanded upon my knowledge and can use HTML to a good standard, and CSS to a decent standard. I'm still learning, and would like to improve my knowledge about it. I've managed to create two websites using CSS as its main layout, one of which passes the Jigsaw CSS validation test and the XHTML validation test, without having to reduce the layout that I was after.

Anyways, I hope to gain knowledge on how to use JavaScript, PHP and XML to create fully functional websites in the future, which allow people to sign up and create profiles. At the moment though, I'm still getting the hang of laying out websites.

harbin91 - Profile | PM

Knowledge Areas: HTML and some CSS

Web Design Experience: I've not had full design experience, but I've created three websites. The first was this one ( which I did for my A Level ICT course. It was done using a table layout and has several bugs. I'm not really supporting it much though now, although I hope I can find some other use for the website. I've currently got a website up which will showcase all my projects I've got a project currently in the making, just sorting out most of the CSS and site structuring before I start putting it together.

I'll look to see you around sometime.

Jul 21, 10 at 10:17pm

Hey DreamCrafter here I was previously known as Chimchar5

Knowledge Areas:
•Intermidiate HTML coding
•Intermidiate PHP coding
•Basic CSS coding

Webdesign Experience
•Developed a simple website when I was about 10 and didn't persue it due to music and sport. I now have my own forums which I use as a testing ground for creating new features.

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