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Jul 18, 07 at 10:40pmIm a fan of DW3

Its the first create-a-weapon thread for this forum, so post all your great ideas here!
Lightning Blade:
NOTE: has the same control mechanics as the Wrench or Plasma Whip. It is a replacement weapon for the wrench.
Appearance: Looks like a glowing yellow longsword, with electricity sparks and bolts coming off it. When it hits an enemy, it works like the Shock Mod from the other R&C games, electrifying the target enemy, and any other enemy close by.
Cost: 200,000 bolts. Ammo: Unlimited

Upgrades to (final version):-
Electro Shocker:
Looks like a much larger, light-blue cutlass, with similar effects as its original version (sparks, etc...). When used in a combo, a lightning bolts shoots out forwards on the 3rd strike, if it does not strike an enemy. When used in a Comet Strike, the Electro Shocker doubles in size (only while out of ratchet's hand), and has double the range of its Version 1 counterpart.

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Jan 7, 12 at 10:58pm

How can i actually make a wrapon

Dec 14, 11 at 5:31pm

And it cost 1 bolt xD

Dec 14, 11 at 5:31pm

Name of Weapon - Fire-Bomb Nuke

Description - It shoots a tiny nuke out of a Sniper-Mine like gun and it demolishes everything around you(it doesn't kill you.)and it will only kill enemey's not you.It will even kill the strongest of all of enemey's.

Apr 27, 10 at 1:58am

1. Clanks head
Cost: Clank gives it to him at the end of the game. NOTE: he grows another head
Use: Ratchet throws this at enemies and it make clanks head go to heli mode but even fast and more damage.It magically appears in his hand again.
Upgrades into: Dual clanks head

2. Keyblade
Cost: Type in the cheat *fake* x, square and o
Use: just sora's keblade from kingdom hearts
Upgrade: Twin Keyblade

Apr 4, 10 at 11:44am

void gun - puts enemies in a different void or galaxy.

void opener 2000 - puts enemies on the world are on but on your team.

COST'S £ 9999,999

Mar 7, 10 at 4:34am

TrapMax Shocker 1.0 - A Launcher which, when activated, shoots a chain of shock traps around Ratchet in a 1-meter radius, trapping all enemies who come too near, and shocking them to over 50% of their health, or possibly-if the enemies are weak enough-destroy them. Shock and Trapping Capacity increase every upgrade.

Pros: All who come near Ratchet suffer!
Cons: Minor enemies only.
Price: 5 billion bolts
Ammo: Max.: 5 shots at a time. Price: 500.000 bolts each

Minionator - Similar to the Mootator, except it turns your target into your minion for about one minute, when active. When in 'Follow Mode' this limit is not consumed, nor will your minions assist you, but merely follows you. Also increases strength of minion 25% more. Limit of 5 minions at a time.

Pros: Minions! Mwahahaha!
Cons: Warning: When the time limit is consumed, your minions will once again be your enemies and turn on you. Their strength increase is retained, and they will be more agressive to you. Prepare to run or destroy them when the sign of awakening(shaking of head) appears. Gadgetron is not liable for minion uprisings or severely minion-injured heros.

Price: 12 billion bolts(unlock first by annihilating all Quodrona Ratchet clones without a single death)
Ammo: Unlimited, but requires cool-off of 2 mins. per 3 minions.

Nov 17, 09 at 1:41am
The Striker

The Terminator: (sorry, couldn't think of better name) blasts all Mass bullets at the enemy!

Nov 15, 09 at 12:21am

The Nitronizer

A cannon-shaped rifle which fires pure concentrated liquid nitrogen at a target, freezing it entirely and leaving it open for a good finishing whack from your wrench.

Ammo: 75/75

Upgrade: a miniature grenade launcher mount that sits on top of your weapon which delivers a finishing blast to your target rather than your wrench automatically following a liquid nitrogen shot.

Nov 14, 09 at 1:42pm

The big bang
blows up any thing within 10 metres

TUBUT (The ultimate blowy uppy thing)
blows up anything within 20 metres
cost 10,000,000

Oct 18, 09 at 12:49am
The Preacher

Eh. Alright. Here`s mine.
The "Chainsaw Dismemberizer".
When fired, "Leatherface" from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies will be summoned, and act as your bodyguard, cutting enemies into little pieces, and then devouring them.
Ammo: 5
Time limit: 1 miniute
Price: $5,000,000

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