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Jul 14, 07 at 2:46amMiss Razz

ShinRa: The Shinra Electric Power Company was a powerful mega-corporation. Originally a small weapons development company, Shinra grew into a multi-conglomerate and de facto world government when it became responsible for developing mako. It now operates on a much smaller level but is still very important to world events.

Turks: The Turks is the unofficial nickname of the Investigation Division of the General Affairs Department of the Shinra Electric Power Company, mistranslated as the Department of Administrative Research in the English localization.
They perform covert operations on behalf of the company, including espionage, kidnappings and assassinations. They also scout for potential candidates for Shinra's elite military unit, SOLDIER, and serve as bodyguards for the Shinra executives. Within the game, they serve as recurring antagonists throughout, although they are not above forming temporary alliances with AVALANCHE, the game's group of central protagonists.

Rufus: Rufus Shinra character in Final Fantasy VII. He is depicted as callous, cold-hearted and ruthless. His views on how Shinra should conduct its rule over the world — through fear and intimidation rather than money — were considered dangerous by his father, and great care was taken to prevent them from influencing the company's inner workings. But by Advent Children it seems Rufus has reformed and is dedicated to helping the regeneration of the planet. He appears to enjoy subterfuge as much as he finds it useful, with his concealment of Jenova's head and use of deception in an attempt to overthrow his father.


This thread will be used for in-depth discussions about ShinRa, the Turks and Rufus ... their personalities, their characters, their role in the game, whether you think they were accurately portrayed in AC, etc.

Past ShinRa employees may also be included in the conversation (BC characters, Turk Vincent, etc).

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Nov 17, 10 at 8:28am

i didn't like the turk vincent even tho the doc vince is awesum. reno is cool. very cocky.

Oct 14, 10 at 8:53pm
DragonMaster Dyne

quote DragonMaster Dyne
Rufus is the greatest character in the Final Fantasy 7 universe.

Thank you for your time.


Yes; I was in a Rufus-loving mood just now so I bumped this thread.

May 29, 10 at 9:10pm
Miss Razz

According to Squeenix (in the DVD commentary, iirc?), Rufus has a wheelchair because he's an attention seeking douche.

I shit you not.

May 10, 10 at 12:20am

well, does rufus even need the wheel chair? i mean he was abble to stand up without it! does he even needs the eye patch? XD reno's my fav, then rufus, then elena, i like the part in FF7 where they were talking about who they love, rufus loves tifa, elena loves tsung, tsung loves the flower girl XD

Sep 18, 09 at 7:29pm

Reno and the voice actor of reno, Quinton Flynn= good job

Apr 16, 09 at 12:14am

Why can't Square Enix just make a movie about the Turks? They know we want one! If they trawled through the fanfic they'd find enough solid material for a dozen scripts. I feel as if Cloud and Tifa's story has been told, but the Turks are like James Bond - they can go on and on....
I hate all yaoi fanfics about the Turks, probably because I'm no longer a teenager. Reno was my favourite at first but its really the dynamics among the five of them that piques my imagination: it has taken on a life of its own and is what makes them unique. And I agree about Elena: there's a lot of potential in her character.

Mar 23, 09 at 3:30pm

I think Rufus is really hot and he is a really tough rebel. btw i hate rude 1. he is butt ugly.
you can take the girl out of midgar but you can't take midgar out of the girl:

Mar 11, 08 at 12:51pm

Time to start rekindlin' some Turk talk. ;D
I actually watched the movie before I played the game, so I was slightly confused by the difference of Reno's character in each... To be honest, I prefer the way he is in the game. I hate when people get the wrong idea about a character - say, Elena for example. Some people seem to think that she's a whiny brat, when she's actually just ditsy. ^^; Reno gets portrayed too much as an idiot in the fandom these days.
I was very pleased with Rufus, however. Simply put; he's perfect. His voice actor's brilliant, his personality's still the same; cold hearted (Though he still cares for his precious Turks, heheh), confident and arrogant. Gotta love that guy. XD
I wish Dark Nation coulda shown up. That'd be so awesome.
Or maybe even the other Turks? Ah, Square need to make an english version of Before Crisis~

Jan 17, 08 at 12:26pm
Scott Cee

The WRO is ShinRa, simple as that. It might not immediately be apparent, but Rufus is the boss, backed up by the Turks and however many soldiers he has left.

I liked Reno in FF7, he came across as sadistic, like he enjoyed being a 'bad guy'. He has/had a sense of theatre. For example, the way he raises his hand to push the button to blow the Sector 7 pillar. Which may only have been the result of crappy animation, but I like it.
In AC it seems they tried to bring Rude and Reno more into the anti-hero kind of mold. It didn't really work in my opinion.

Jan 16, 08 at 4:54am
DragonMaster Dyne

Rufus is the greatest character in the Final Fantasy 7 universe.

Thank you for your time.

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