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Jul 3, 07 at 5:44pmJJ Rodgers

Ok, I've read that to get A rank, you need to beat the game under three hours not using special weapons or first aid sprays. Not only did I beat the game under three hours, I beat it under 2.5 hours and I know I didn't use any first aid sprays or special weapons (I got the infinite machine gun unlocked, but I didn't even take it out). Does the number of saves matter? I saved 12 times.

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Jun 18, 12 at 9:00am

For the record, using the submachine gun seems to make no difference. My friend got an A rank while using it. Herbs also did not seem to matter. Neither did using the Colt pistol.

May 29, 12 at 12:51am

I just completed Resident Evil 2 yesterday on playstation.

Ranking : A
Character: Leon
Scenario : 1st (A)
Time : 3:30
Saves : 3
F.Aid : None
W. Parts : All upgradable weapon parts used
SpWeapons: Flame thrower used to clear plants in lab, no submachine gun.

I did not unlock the infinite rocket launcher or gatling gun as i did not beat the magical 3:00 mark. Hey, an A rank on my first playthrough in ten years aint bad HAHA.

Question for any resident freaks here, i am aware it will be a while before i get an answer. If i complete any scenario and unlock the rocket launcher, is it then unlocked forever as long as i play the same save file?

I.E Could i get an A rank and unlock the R.Launcher, then complete the second playthrough using that and get say a C rank, but still have the rocket launcher on my next, or third playthrough?

Also, can i unlock the Minigun USING the R.Launcher?

May 19, 12 at 1:06pm

quote MagamiForte
Got an A rank after beating the game without saves or F-Aid Sprays....I think you have to finish the game without saving?
Not sure play it straight non-stop thats why I finish it without saving....
Nope. I've completed the game many times while saving twice and still got an A ranking (completed Claire A, Hard Scenario yesterday in 1:51:xx, using no First Aid Sprays while saving twice and got an A ranking). Am almost positive the list I gave last post holds up.

May 16, 12 at 8:57am

Got an A rank after beating the game without saves or F-Aid Sprays....I think you have to finish the game without saving?
Not sure play it straight non-stop thats why I finish it without saving....

May 11, 12 at 12:48am

Their's alot of misinformation posted here as well as on websites all over the internet regarding how to achieve an A ranking, so I'm going to clear it up. First of all, I've only ever played through the NTSC versions of Resident Evil 2, so I can't provide information on achieving an A ranking in the PAL or JP versions. This information is coming from someone who's played through the game many, many times on the NTSC version of Resident Evil 2 Platinum for PC in pursuit of the rumored S ranking. With all of that said, here are the requirements for an A ranking:

1.) Complete either scenario A or B on Normal or Hard difficulty in under two hours and thirty minutes
2.) Use neither of the three Special Weapons (Gatling Gun, Rocket Launcher, or Submachine Gun with infinite ammunition) obtained by completing scenario A or B on Normal difficulty with an A or B ranking
3.) Use no First Aid Sprays
4.) Use three or less Ink Ribbons

The Special Weapons requirement doesn't apply to Hard difficulty because they're only obtainable in Normal difficulty, so disregard it if you're looking to obtain an A ranking in Hard difficulty.

Mar 12, 12 at 10:09am

everything on here is a bunch of crap
0-3 saves
no infinate weapons (excluding the cheat code)
under 2 1/2 hours
that should get an "A"-rank
you CANNOT get duplicate weapons

Sep 10, 10 at 10:05pm

What this page says might explain it.

It suggests that it's a points system, so for example... you have to complete the game faster if you used F-aid sprays.

I completed it without saving at all but I think I DID use F-aid sprays.

Sep 10, 10 at 1:45pm

Figured it out for the A rank, ClaireB, Gamecube version:

6 saves max
no special weapons
no first aid
time: 01:52:06

Gets you: S.Machine Gun, R. Launcher and HUNK game.

Sep 9, 10 at 6:35pm

This thread is full of crap.

I've managed an A rank myself.

I could be wrong, but I believe the requirement is...

NO SAVES. No saving. EVER. As far as I know using herbs does not matter.

I don't know if using the custom shotgun or sparkshot matters. It's rumoured but that might be for an S rank.

I'm not sure about the time but I think 2 and a half hours should be fast enough.

You should definitely use the rocket launcher against the last boss. I'm 99 percent sure it's the only weapon that CAN kill him. And it does not affect your ranking.

I think the truth about the "special weapons" rumour is that using the infinite ammo machine gun or gatling gun or rocket launcher (unlocked by getting A/B ranks) drops your grade on a subsequent playthrough.

Sep 9, 10 at 5:56pm

In the Gamecube Prima strategy guide it states the max saves is 12 and if you go over that the rank comes down.

So, I'm trying to get A rank in ClaireB but got:

Rank B
Time: 1:50 (way under what I wanted, 2:30)
Saves: 7
No first aids

Did have to use R. Launcher Ada provides at final battle (boss simply would not go down with acid rounds or sub machine gun) I saved one too many times? Who knows this for sure? I've heard 3, 5 and 6 saves max...? What gives?

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