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May 23, 07 at 2:52amtekmosis

I've been debating between WoW and LotRO for a couple weeks, now and it's come down to LotRO. Seeing at how it's a new game it would be much easier to establish a fairly decent reputation within the world. I've been wanting to get back into an MMO for some time, now. LotRO has perked my interest.

As such, I would like to propose a Kinship / Guild based on Neoseeker. Now, obviously the Kinship wont be called "Neoseeker" but people will know it's *the* Kinship of Neo.

I haven't picked up the game yet, I'll do so later this week / weekend. However, I'd be interested in knowing how many people are interested. I know that at the moment these forums aren't too popular (yet).

Looking at it doesn't seem too hard to make a Kinship so it wont be too much of a problem for me to make one pretty quickly.

I'm up for suggestions on which server this should be based in as well as the Kinships name. Although, if the names left up to me it'll be something funky (ie: just check out the titles on GameGrep)

Unfortunately, I'll have to insist on a North American server to start with. The server list is:

I'll look into getting something setup for the Kinship as well on Neoseeker most likely a sub forum. Talks of even a portal but we'll see what kind of response this gets, first.

I was talking to Howard (Redemption) as well and if there's enough interest / an official Kinship he'd be willing to play. I'll try to entice some of the other Neo Staff to play as well. SO, let me know!

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Dec 31, 07 at 4:40am

replying late? rofl. this forum is dead... it's been up for idk how long and only like 2 pages of threads or something... need to liven the place up!

btw, i'll join if you ever get it going

Sep 24, 07 at 4:27pm

hey srry i replied so late,but i would love to join the kinship(i do love neoseeker)my mains name is mexacano

Jul 19, 07 at 11:21am
Celes Leonhart

I won't mind joining when we have a few more people coming along, except I play in EU rather than North America

Jun 3, 07 at 4:23am

Unfortunate, but to be expected when a new MMO is on the market and hasn't totally sunk it's teeth into a gaming audience.

I'll unfloat this for now. Feel free to contact myself (or Tekmosis, since he can as well, and he's been running things so far) to have this thread refloated as need be.

Jun 2, 07 at 12:46am

Unfortunately the guild was disbanded because it didn't meet the needed minimum members. I'll re-create it once a few more people are ready/interested in joining. Until then feel free to add me to your friends list

May 29, 07 at 2:36am

*Shudders* Runescape.

1. an organization of persons with related interests, goals, etc., esp. one formed for mutual aid or protection.

Kinship is supposed to be the same thing in the game, even though a kinship is a family relation rather than just a group of people.

May 29, 07 at 2:00am

i don't have the game yet, but i should be getting it within this next month, so i'll join this kinship.
i have a name from the beta version of the game, it's Brângdha (or brangdha if it doesn't let me do that), so noone take it! when i get the game, that will be my in-game name.

btw, what's a guild in this game? is it like i saw on that linked website just another name for a kinship? i'm just used to it being called a clan; a guild in runescape is a place rather than a group. so there's like a fellowship, a raid, a kinship, and something else (the tab next to kinship, it has four boxes in it, also what's that?)

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May 28, 07 at 8:31pm

Of course it's alright to join I'll add you to my friendslist and send an invite when I see you on. Just make sure your character is on the Firefoot server.

May 28, 07 at 7:06pm
me is me!

btw my name is farimli on the game i'm dwarf guardian i'm only lvl 2 but ill lvl quite quick i just got this game ot's just i lagg quite a bit

May 28, 07 at 7:04pm
me is me!

I'd like to join if thats alright?

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