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Mar 27, 07 at 7:55pmThe Whizz

What cheats can I use to beat the mission "Air Raid"? It's driving me mad. And if this is Zero's first (Ok, the first one was you had to buy his store, easy.) mission, then what horrors do I have to come?

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May 27, 14 at 9:14pm

Duuudes,, its like a smorgasboard of whining here hahhahaha

ALL GTA games are hard, for the novice,,, I played GTA I through III for five years,
and became a master at gta III, where I can do the whole game in 24 hours, with no cheats..

for the dude with the " I cant win GTA III" ,,,, here is the "easy" sequence

before you come, get a cheetah or fast car, it will help

1 youre going to lose all weapons, so kick the guys butts and take their guns
run STRAIGHT into the garage,, there is armor there, only one guy comes in at a time,
and the guys up top cant shoot you since you are protected
2 a man comes in to shoot you,, kick his butt and take his weapons,
3 then shoot the other one that enters
4 run outside fast, shoot right, then left/up then left/ up,, for the two on the balcony
5 take the truck, DRIVE OFF the Cliff, and go home, and get a load of weapons, at your home
6 an even quicker way is to drive a cheetah there, leave it near the cliff, then drive off the cliff and go home
ALL of this has happened in less than two minutes, you now have plenty of time for the remainder
7 drive up fast, stop, and bazooka the two trucks blocking the road.
8 drive to the sniper rifle, and get out, and bazooka the trucks down the road
9 shoot the man up on the top about middle of the dam, and the three men behind the boxes
10 use the sniper rifle and shoot all the other men
11 keep one bazooka shell, for the truck that rams you, and go up and get the M16
12 each time the helo passes, hit it direct with the M16, on the third pass it will go down, kinda kewl
13 run up to the stairs, near the girl, killing any more men at the bottom, do NOT go past the top step
14 sniper the man behind the vent duct, sniper the other man on the roof, then all is left is the man holding her
15 I like giving him a headshot, then listening to her bitch,, once I even shot her after Id won hahahhah

if you want more details, send me a message,, but, y'all

I look forward to all these kewl missions, once I get help with LOB,, ( see my post )

have fun!!!

Live fast, die hard!!.


May 27, 14 at 8:36pm
shyla brown

Use the destroy all vechicals it works!!!

Jan 03, 14 at 7:29pm
miller 559

it is impossible i just cant pass it

Nov 20, 13 at 11:15pm

quote Chris Player
quote RikkuLover
Yeah, Air Raid is hard, but it's nothing compared to Supply Lines. Now THAT'S the hardest.

Oh yeah, try the "Destroy All Vehicles" cheat if you're really having trouble.
Im sorry but the mission in Vice City 'Driver' pwns all of them by being the hardest mission in the GTA seires
Get Good at driving and its not too bad, his car doesn't even cheat like the new GTA games, level playing field

now Boomshine Blowout in VCS, that was an evil mission, or everyone's favorite "FOLLOW THE DAMN TRAIN CJ"

Nov 16, 13 at 6:07am

Air Raid is hard? Its too boring. I did the mission in one go without damaging my satellites even a little, and flawless every time I replayed the game.

Nov 04, 13 at 12:51am
Gta lover 1346

Is easier if you use the cheat "Blow up all cars"

Jul 17, 13 at 3:49pm

just enetr the slow cheats once in that mission

Apr 20, 13 at 2:40am

Well,no this mission is not hard.I passed this from the third try and WITHOUT CHEATS,if your aim is good the mission is easy.If you can't pass it use adrenaline cheat and it will be so easy,i suggest not to use cheats.This is my first post.I came here for the epsilon but no problem, i can help

Apr 11, 13 at 4:37pm

Air Raid sucks, it probably is the hardest mission in the entire game... i think I may have to turn off vibration, im getting a sore arm/wrist.. I have tried like 10 times now since getting it on ps3 from the store.. its impossible at night.. and yeah... I actually really think, turning off vibration should help, even just a lil bit.. bloody mini gun vibrating all the time, ugh, its like. sometimes its so easy to shoot the planes, but then 30 seconds later, cant even shoot them from up close. I've almost done it a few times now, but then zero gets in the way and my minigun blows his head off LOL I dont think I ever killed zero on ps2.. killed him twice... once I was so damn close.. its seriously making my blood boil. games dont usually do that to me..

Jan 29, 13 at 10:17pm

Thank you to whomever said to use adrenaline cheat, because this mission has been soo hard I thought I had beat it just w/out the cheat a few minutes prior because the time was up and I still had some signal left (about 30%) I guess not so I browsed around and found this.

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