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Mar 18, 07 at 9:02pmthegreatpunk

Hi,ive had a few ideas for a timesplitters 4.Wot about if they make it without a story mode,like quake 3 was?.Give it an arcade mode,dramaticly improved Mapmaker{put anything into your maps}.Challange mode.

Also include every timesplitters charecter wich appeared from ts1 to ts3.

That would be the perfect timesplitters 4.

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Nov 27, 12 at 6:19am

Nearly 70,000 signatures now. Please sign this and share it with whoever you can.

Can we get to the 100,000 and hope Crytek listen and give us at least the HD collection?

Nov 6, 12 at 2:42pm

Hello, Neo agian. I would like to back up my previous letter. I've relived that some charcters are kinda repeditive. examples would include the numerous zombies. I'm to lazy to name them all ( for acomplete list, vist [link name=][/link]) but I do know that there are 31 types of zombies. If there was 50 bot slots, then you can have like undead myham ( then shoot them as Leon ). That would be the best!!! Having all the stages would be neat, including some new ones, like one that's a big black hole and changes the stage every two minuites. A junkyard would also be cool ( and explain why R-108,9 and 10 are in this game cause theres a new robot every time). Anyone have any sugestions for R-111? Anyone else got more charecter ideas? A miner would be great.

I'll be back! Peace!
Ps. Does any know the story i n TS1?

Nov 5, 12 at 6:08pm

I agree with everyone else. Having every single charcter from the previous games would be amazing. That alone wwould be 340 charcters, but if they added at least 25 new charcters would be cool too. The reson why is because I only have time spliters 2 and there are some charcters (Deerhunter, Deep sea diver, eye mummy etc) that I wished were in 2. If they made this for the Wii U, they could do this and expand on # of bots and mapmaker. another cool thing would be having crossover charecters. My top ten is would be the four charcters from borderlands, master cheif, Mario (Just Kidding , Hitler (No Joke), Leon from resident evil and Han solo, yoda or Darth Vader With blaster. Entierly new story would be the best. Say that you agree.

Jul 4, 10 at 8:16am

Flame Tag is Virus in TS3

Finally some cheats would do

A new story mode of events after timesplitters 3 and find a way to bring the timesplitters back into the game

Old and New Weapons

Old and New Charactors

Diffrent Outfits for characters that were not in Story Mode

New Challenges and Leagues

New Game Modes

New and Old Maps

More Realism

Less Comical

secretly add bob marley to the charactors

Jun 15, 10 at 2:27am

Add killstreak rewards for arcade mode, like like in MW2

Jun 23, 09 at 11:00pm
x ReNeGaDe ZeRo

All of the Characters from the previous time splitters.

It MUST have the mexacan map in it with the little bell tower and the courtyard that was the greatest Time Splitters map of all time.

All new weapons including weapons from previous games. Lots of new maps.

It needs to have a story but arcade is the main focus of the game so it really needs to be improved on to make online play addictive and enjoyable.

I can't wait for this game.. its Awsome!

Feb 13, 09 at 7:01pm

They should:

1.Allow you to add Checkpoints to Mapmaker Story Levels
2.Allow you to add Freindly Story AI to Mapmaker Story Levels
3.Bring Back all the previous Characters and Levels
4.Make Hard mode HARDER!

Dec 15, 08 at 9:44pm
Agent Mo

ICE STATION FROM TS2! That was the best. Mars Prison was the best in TS3...

Dec 15, 08 at 1:24pm

ts4 realy kneeds to have an off-line arcade co-op mode it will be so anoying if they just make online like they do to every game now-a-days. all the previous ones have been amazing and im so hoping this one wont be a let down

-they need to keep some old levels but have much more new 1s
-keep in 90% of the charactors from the previous games and just replace people like dozer ect. with new charactors
-BRING BACK FLAME-TAG(keep the levele 'venice' from ts3)

Jul 28, 08 at 9:38pm

quote Forizzlefazz
An oil gun. You shoot it on the ground (at least, that's where you should) and anyone who steps on it gets stuck for a short while.
That would be cool, but I don't think that it would be too fair. Once they get stuck, headshot and they're dead.

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