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Jul 10, 01 at 3:46amThe User Formaly Kno

The fire dragon is *bleep*ing me up. If anyone has a working strategy for killing this fiery #######, help me out

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Jul 15, 12 at 1:59pm

Wait a minute...How can I fight the dragon with Kid??? Is she not running around with Evil Serge?

Jul 7, 04 at 1:36am

quote Master Mind
or use Mel, with Mel and Kid you can use Double Take.
We're not even sure if he's refering the fire dragon that guards the path to Fort Dragonia, or the fire dragon, when you're on your quest to gain the dragon relics.
first the person asking for help must be clear about WHICH fight he or she is in, then we can help.

If it's the fight with the dragon in his small form, on your way to Fort Dragonia, then the answer is simple, have Kid, and Glenn in your part (if not Glenn, then a red character, perhaps. Use every blue element you can, and if you have a strong blue character, try using him or her (lagdalen or Pierre come to mind) and have them cast Frogprince once the field effect is entirely blue.

If you're on the quest for the Dragon relics, then you should have Fargo, and either Zappa or Orcha in your party.
Wait until the dragon has transformed into his larger self, and then immediatly have Fargo steal the Red plate, use flue elements, and all of Fargo's Tech skills.

good luck.

Jun 25, 04 at 5:17am

The easyist way for beating this dragon(or any dragon) is bring a white innate partner to this fight (Starky). Teach him MagNegate. Soon as you are able to use this element cast it on your blue innate partner. When you do this your blue innate partner cannot be hit with any element for at least 5 turns, and if you use nothing but the blue innate summons and blue innate elements, this will be an easy battle.

Jun 24, 04 at 10:52pm

i have found that karsh's attack power ad Fargo's limited magic defense as well as his ability to steal help, also loading them down with nothing but white and blue elements helps too.

Apr 7, 02 at 2:52pm
angel god

blue elements do fine
try the invincible

Mar 18, 02 at 6:54am

Also, be careful of the fact that the Red Dragon changes in the middle of battle. As soon as you've inflicted enough damage on him, that teeny little crimson reptile becomes a fire-breathing juggernaut. Not too difficult to defeat though, given the right strategy.

Sep 10, 01 at 2:30pm
Master Mind

or use Mel, with Mel and Kid you can use Double Take.

Sep 9, 01 at 11:15pm

Same thing works on all the other dragon bosses too. You can get several different colored Plates. Either use Kid to Pilfer it or use Fargo to Pillage it. STEAL, STEAL, STEAL!

Jul 28, 01 at 8:25pm

Make sure you steal the red plate from him too! It really comes in handy, since it inverts all/most red attacks, instead of harming it heals.

Jul 10, 01 at 12:57pm

First, I recommend putting team members in your party that have Red as a natural attribute. Macha, Miki, Janice, Orcha or Draggy will do nicely. Then, equip those team members with nothing but blue elements. This will cause the Fire Dragon's attacks to do less damage to your team members, since their natural attribute is Red. Then they can hit HIM with blue elements for more damage. Deluge works very well. Also, if you're willing to take a chance to do some major damage to the Fire Dragon, put one blue attribute team member in your party. Irenes, Marcy, Fargo and Nikki work well. Make sure to equip them with blue elements, including summons. Make sure they also have accessories equipped that raise their defense. They will be more vulnerable to the dragon's attacks since they are of the opposite elemental attribute. Serge should have a couple of Revives and RecoverAll spells on hand as well. Hope this helps out. Let me know what happens.

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