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Feb 15, 07 at 10:47amDragon Swordsman

This Add-on Story thread will continue from the "Add-on Story: The Lightning Crystals" thread from the Pokémon Yellow Forum, which was deleted by Aya Chan.

You don't really need to worry about the majority of the first part of the story. The only things you really need to know is that Ash was shot dead by a policeman, and Brock was killed after being transformed into a monster.

Right now, the story is about a boy named Josh, who decided to run away from home after he had enough of receiving tests after tests and assignments after assignments in school. He eventually reached an island in middle of a lake. The island had a cave on it, and inside the cave, Josh found so much money that he could spend it for the rest of his life. He then returned home, and he started thinking about his life so far. He remembered a person named Blake, who used to bully him at school. Josh knows where he lives, and then Josh went to Blake's house at 2am in the morning and assassinated him.

On his way back home, Josh noticed a black notebook falling down from the sky, and it landed on some grass on the ground. "Hm? What is this?" asked Josh as he walked up to the notebook and picked it up. On the front cover of the notebook, it said in big, white letters: "DEATH NOTE". Josh opened the notebook, and he saw that there was absolutely nothing written inside it! "Cool! A free notebook for me!" said Josh, and then he took the notebook home. When he got home, he went inside his room and turned on the lights. Then he looked at the back of the notebook, and he saw some words written in white letters:


  • The human whose name is written in this note shall die.
  • This note will not take effect unless the writer has the subject's face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected.
  • If the cause of death is written within 40 seconds of writing the subject's name, it will happen.
  • If the cause of death is not specified, the subject will simply die of a heart attack.
  • After writing the cause of death, the details of the death should be written in the next 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

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    Aug 03, 14 at 12:43pm
    Chaos Lord

    "Okay" James said. "I do not think the presence of a witness has any role to play in whether an action is evil or not" he continued. "However, what I do think, and what my premise is, is that the total absence of life would also mean the total absence of evil. Because I do not see how good and evil can exist without any living beings to be affected by them" he added. "And so, the moment all life ends in the scenario I talked about earlier is also the moment all evil ends. Because evil itself ceases to exist at that very moment, the violation of the people's "right" to be happy at that very same moment can not be evil - because in that moment, evil has already ceased to exist, so nothing can be evil, not even that event" he further prolonged his speech. Then...

    Jul 31, 14 at 2:27am
    Ultimate Champion

    "Well yes, but what if that evildoer did not consider their own action to be evil?" said Rovert. Then...

    May 12, 12 at 1:19pm
    Chaos Lord

    "Wait, don't the evildoers possess knowledge of their acts?" a random classmate asked then. Then...

    Sep 09, 11 at 8:09am
    Grimmjow Jaegerjaque


    Jul 25, 11 at 2:07am
    The Rising Phoenix

    Rovert then closed his eyes, folded his arms and thoughtfully said "OK then, it seems that for this discussion to proceed, I must first challenge the premise that good and evil cannot exist without knowledge. By that logic, actions that are clearly evil, such as murder and thievery, can be permitted under the condition that they are not discovered. For example, if one were to steal another person's belonging, then would such an action not be evil as long as the victim never finds out that they have something of theirs stolen, and consequently does not experience any pain as a result of the evil action? And assuming that there existed a completely solitary person without any social relations or contacts with others, and thus such a person's death cannot negatively affect those who may potentially be close to or care about such a person, would it be fine then to assassinate such a person, provided the death is delivered swiftly and painfully?". "What are your thoughts on such actions, James?" Rovert then continued as he reopened his eyes and looked at James. Then...

    Jun 04, 11 at 5:38pm
    Chaos Lord

    James then said "And by whom can it be considered to be evil, exactly? We certainly can not say that something which does not even exist is evil, which is the case for the event in question currently and until the day it occurs, if it ever does. And the instant it happens, and forever afterwards, living beings will no longer exist to consider anything, including the concepts of good and evil. Thus, in effect, the realization of the event essentially begets the simultaneous disappearance of evil in the very same instant it happens. These two things are inseparable. And in a state where evil does not exist, like the one in which the event takes place, nothing can be evil, including the event itself. At which exact point in time can this event be said to be evil then, Rovert?". Then...

    May 30, 11 at 3:57am
    King of Every King

    "That may be true. But the point is, many people in this world want to live, and they have the right to live. And an event which eliminates all life would violate that right. I don't think the fact that they are unaware that their right is being violated is something which prevents the event you described from being considered evil." Rovert replied. Then...

    May 07, 11 at 8:17pm
    Chaos Lord

    The teacher turned his attention back to James, who was still standing. "James, do you have anything more to add?" the teacher asked then. "Yes, I do" James replied. He then looked at Rovert, and said "Rovert, you said the elimination of all life would be an event which many people would not want to see. But is the scenario I described not by its definition one that can not be seen, if it were, hypothetically, to happen?". Then...

    Sep 21, 09 at 12:08pm

    Rovert looked at James, and then he said "I believe that as long as one does not perform any actions which harm other good people, they have a right to live in peace and happiness, without such joys being interrupted or interfered with by others. However, the elimination of all life is an event which many people would not want to see, for whatever reason which may differ between individuals. Regardless of whether the state of death is truly a state of peace and tranquility or not... the fact that the lives of good people are erased against their will by such an event... is enough to render it evil. If peace is achieved in death, such an event may seem like it is free of evil... but the fact that people are forced to have their joys in life terminated against their will is an evil in itself". "I agree" a large, tall student with blue eyes and extremely short blond hair sitting next to a window near the front of the classroom with his arms folded on his desk said then, and then all the students and the teacher looked at him. "All good people have the right to decide their own paths in life, as long as such a path doesn't affect others. An event which eliminates all life would be against that right" the tall student continued. "A typical Pokéist view on this question" said the teacher as he looked at the tall student, and then he grabbed a red whiteboard marker from his desk and drew a Poké Ball symbol on the left side of the whiteboard under the "Good and Evil" heading, and then he started writing what the tall student just said on the right side of the Poké Ball symbol. As he wrote on the white board, he then said "In this Area of Study, we will also be exploring the differing views of good and evil by different cultutes around the world. You'll learn more on that as we begin to study our prescribed text for this topic next lesson". Then...

    Sep 20, 09 at 9:51pm
    Chaos Lord

    "Evil is a very difficult thing to describe in just a few sentences, as it comes in countless forms. Although evil is usually associated with harm and suffering, that is not always the case. For example. Let us assume a theoretical event upon which all life on Earth ends instantly and painlessly for everyone. No one will even realize when they die, as their lives will all end momentarily before they even notice anything. And since no one would be left to mourn the dead, the pain that would normally be caused by someone's death would also not exist. Thus, in conclusion, this event, this vanishing of all life in existence, would mean the complete and total disappearance of all suffering as of that moment and for all future to come. Now, who among you would consider this an event of evil?" James said, as he looked at the rest of his class. A student then raised his hand, followed by many others. In two seconds, the entire class except for two persons had raised their hands, declaring the event which James mentioned to be evil. "I see. Interesting" James said then. After he said that, the students lowered their hands back to their desks. "As it would seem, most people in this class believe that what I described was something evil, even though I also explained why it would not be a thing of harm or suffering. In fact, it would be quite the opposite, since the aftermath of the event would mean pain and suffering would actually cease to exist. In any case, let us proceed to explore what the reasons are that people believe the event of all life ending would be something evil" James said then. Then he looked at a smart and collected-looking student sitting alone on his desk, somewhere in the class. "Rovert, you raised your hand when I asked before, indicating that you thought the instant and painless elimination of all life would be an event of evil. May I ask why?" James said then, as he looked at the smart-looking student, known as Rovert. Then...

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