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Feb 15, 07 at 10:02amDragon Swordsman

This Add-on Story thread will continue from the Add-on Story: u r 411 1053125 thread from the Pokémon Gold Forum, which was closed by Aya Chan.

The story left off with:

quote Kharn the Betrayer
A wolf was getting close to Ed, who was crawling. But, if he got up, the bullies would fire arrows at him. Then...
Then a bully fired an arrow at the sky, but at an angle, so that it'll go flying high up in the air, and then it'll eventually fall back down, and the bully hoped the arrow, while is on fire will land on Earnest. But instead, it almost landed on the wolf. Then the wolf got angry, and then it jumped down the cliff and started running towards the bully who fired that last arrow. Then...

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May 12, 12 at 2:33pm
Chaos Lord

The ninja pulled out a kunai and threw it at Earnest. Then...

Jul 25, 11 at 2:19am
1337 Snake

As the white material started rapidly covering Earnest's body, Earnest let out a loud, inhuman roar as he fell on all fours, while four more large, upward-pointed tusks erupted out of his back to accompany the two that appeared before! The white material coming out of Earnest's chest then completely covered his body like a hard, white shell, with the white material covering the front of Earnest's limbs shaping into huge and sharp dragon claws, while the white material covering Earnest's face manifested into the shape of a tiger's head! At the same time, Earnest also grew two slender but extremely powerful whip-like tails made of white material, which lashed violently at the air as Earnest's tiger-like face then looked the ninja straight in the eyes with an extremely furious look in his own black and golden eyes, while at the same time he also clenched his front paws, effortlessly carving some deep marks in the ground with his extremely powerful dragon claws! Then...

Jun 04, 11 at 5:42pm
Chaos Lord

The ninja looked at Earnest surprised, and then suddenly, he became even more surprised when some black three-dot symbols in a certain pattern started spreading on Earnest's body from somewhere on his neck! "GRAAAAAAAARGHHHHH!!!" Earnest screamed loudly then, as his skin started changing into a dark gray color, while his eyes became black with a golden iris, and two huge, upward-pointing tusks erupted out of his back, rising up above his shoulders and head! Alerted, the ninja then hurriedly looked at the source of the patterns on Earnest's neck, and saw their source, a single one of those three-dot symbols, which was glowing red as more and more copies of it were covering Earnest's body! "A Cursed Seal! This must be the reason behind this odd behaviour...!" the ninja deduced then. Then he looked at Earnest screaming, and thought "But that kid... He does not seem to be evil at heart. I need to help him...". But then suddenly, a huge hole appeared and enlarged a bit on Earnest's chest, and out of the hole came much white material, which started to cover Earnest's entire body and hardening around it! "Wh-What!" the ninja said then, taking a step back in shock, as he watched Earnest undergo a gruesome transformation! Then...

May 30, 11 at 4:04am

Earnest then closed his eyes, lowered his head and paused for a few seconds. "Hm! Hmhmhmhmhm..." Earnest laughed then. "Hm?" said the ninja as he widened his eyes a bit, looking confused. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" Earnest then suddenly raised his head up high and opened his eyes, revealing an insane look in them as he also opened his mouth wide and bursted into an insane, evil laughter! Then....

May 03, 11 at 12:07pm
Chaos Lord

"Those sound like the words of someone who has lost their hope" the ninja said then, as he looked at Earnest in the eyes. "..." Earnest remained silent then, as he looked down, and his strong air from before suddenly turned into a sad, despaired look in his eyes. "Listen. I do not know what Akatsuki's ultimate goals are. But on their way towards those goals, many good people are bound to lose their lives. People who I, as a ninja, have to protect. And so should you, if you indeed wish to prevent death and suffering from devastating this world" the ninja said then. While hearing those things, Earnest was still looking down thoughtfully, with doubt starting to become obvious in his eyes. "You seem to be concerned about the problems of this world. The struggle between good and evil may seem long, maybe even endless to the eyes of us, who can only observe things for the short period of our lives... but the truth is, that thanks to the continuous efforts of all the generations that came before us, things have continued to improve as our world moved forward. It is up to us, and those who will come after us, to continue those efforts... until the day comes when everyone's dreams and aspirations for a world of true peace will finally become reality" the ninja said then, causing a slight expression of surprise to appear on Earnest's face! "But-" Earnest said then, but before he could speak, the ninja continued his speech. "Do not place the entire burden for the world's improvement on yourself. It will not happen in an instant. But if we work together, we can definitely make things better. No matter how long it may take, things will get better. It is up to you to decide... Will you be one of the people who will have hindered that progress, by assisting the efforts of those who are responsible for the very things you are determined to fight against... Or will you help us fight against them?" said the ninja, as he looked into Earnest's eyes, waiting for his response. Then...

Sep 22, 09 at 8:14am

"I know, but in helping them, I'll prevent even more deaths and suffering which may occur otherwise! Unfortunately, this is the only way to handle things in the cursed state of this world!" said Earnest passionately as he stood strong before the ninja. Then...

Sep 20, 09 at 8:15pm
Chaos Lord

"I'm here to help Akatsuki succeed in their goals!" Earnest said then. "Akatsuki? What's your involvement with them? Who are you?" the ninja said then. "Well, I don't really know that much. I'm just supposed to make sure their mission here succeeds" Earnest said then. "What? Do you realize what kinds of people you're helping? These are internationally wanted criminals responsible for the deaths of many people" the ninja said then. Then...

Jul 16, 09 at 4:50am

"Ugh... You're strong..." said the ninja as he sat up. "What do you want here?" he continued as he looked at Earnest. Then...

Feb 02, 09 at 6:01pm
Chaos Lord

Earnest quickly turned around, pulling out a kunai and using it to deflect all four kunai which were heading at him. Immediately after that, he then did a strong kick to his back, hitting the ninja with the scarred red eye, who had tried to stab Earnest with a kunai while he was busy deflecting the four kunai! "Uh!" the ninja said then, as he slid back on his feet after Earnest's kick. Then he looked and widened his eyes as he saw Earnest charging almost right in front of him, with his hand leaned back, and then Earnest said "Dark Palm!" as he thrusted his palm on the ninja's chest with great power! The palm thrust sent some dark energy through the ninja's body which then came out of his back, and the ninja himself was also blasted behind with much power by the attack! The ninja flew off his feet for a bit, and then landed back-first on the ground and slid just a bit, while Earnest was standing still after his attack in a pose with his palm pointing forward, as when he had hit the ninja with it! Then...

Dec 05, 08 at 3:49am
Douglas Jay Falcon

The kunai got stabbed into the ninja's head, and then it exploded! But then the ninja, who was caught in the explosion's range, melted into water! After that, four kunai flew at Earnest from behind! Then...

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