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Feb 15, 07 at 10:02amDragon Swordsman

This Add-on Story thread will continue from the Add-on Story: u r 411 1053125 thread from the Pokémon Gold Forum, which was closed by Aya Chan.

The story left off with:

quote Kharn the Betrayer
A wolf was getting close to Ed, who was crawling. But, if he got up, the bullies would fire arrows at him. Then...
Then a bully fired an arrow at the sky, but at an angle, so that it'll go flying high up in the air, and then it'll eventually fall back down, and the bully hoped the arrow, while is on fire will land on Earnest. But instead, it almost landed on the wolf. Then the wolf got angry, and then it jumped down the cliff and started running towards the bully who fired that last arrow. Then...

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Mar 1, 16 at 3:19pm
Chaos Lord

But then a Dragonite came and fainted them both with a Horn Drill. But then a Dunsparce came and fainted the Dragonite with a sneaky Horn Drill of its own. Then a Rhyhorn used Fissure on the Dunsparce, fainting it. Then a Wartortle knocked out Rhyhorn with a BubbleBeam attack. Then...

May 27, 15 at 12:04am

Conkledurr and Meinshao begin to worship eachother's feet

May 24, 15 at 1:30am
Chaos Lord

"We'll help too!" a feminine voice said then. Then Kakashi and Guy looked and saw a Crush Kin. "Go, Conkeldurr!" the Blackbelt said then, as he tossed a Poke Ball forward, which then hit the ground and opened, revealing a Conkeldurr. "Come out, Mienshao!" the Crush Girl also said, sending out a Mienshao. Then...

May 20, 15 at 8:23pm
Ultimate Champion

"Guy! This isn't the time for that!" Kakashi then said seriously as he turned to his left to look at the fallen Earnest, who was now getting back up from the ground, while Guy narrowed his eyes seriously as he also turned to his right to behold the same sight. Then...

May 20, 15 at 9:10am
Chaos Lord

Earnest was sent flying away and crashed into a building, crumbling it down in dust! Meanwhile, the ninja who was chasing Earnest caught up, and then he saw the man with the bowl cut, who had landed on the ground after his attack. "Guy!" the ninja said then with a bit of surprise as he looked at the man, known as Guy. "Hey, Kakashi! What's going on? Too old to take this thing on your own?" Guy said then with a smile as he looked at the ninja, known as Kakashi. Then...

May 20, 15 at 6:27am
Ultimate Champion

Earnest was charging into the village, when suddenly, a man with a bowl cut, shiny black hair, thick black eyebrows, black eyes and wearing a green sleeveless jacket, a dark green shirt, dark green pants and orange clothing covering his lower legs jumped in front of Earnest!

"Konoha Senpuu!" shouted the man as he did a rightward 360 spin in the air, followed by a rightward swing of his right foot, with which he hit Earnest straight in the face! Then...

May 19, 15 at 10:32am
Chaos Lord

"GROOOAAAARRRR!!!!" Earnest let out a loud roar, and then for some reason, he started running forwards, completely ignoring the ninja's presence behind him and rampaging towards deeper in the village! "Wait!" the ninja behind him said then as he got surprised, and started going after Earnest! Then...

May 19, 15 at 9:54am
Ultimate Champion

The gigantic ball of flames crashed straight onto Earnest's back, setting his entire body on fire! Then...

May 17, 15 at 3:22am
Chaos Lord

The ninja blew up in a puff of smoke after being blown away. Then it was revealed that the same ninja was now standing behind Earnest somehow! "Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu" the ninja said, as he blew out a gigantic ball of flame towards Earnest from behind! Then...

May 9, 15 at 6:53am
Ultimate Champion

Earnest roared loudly and swung his right hand to his right, creating a very strong wind which not only instantly blew the kunai away, but it also tore many rocks out of the ground in front of Earnest, while instantly blowing the ninja away! Then...

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