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Feb 7, 07 at 9:43amPrincipality

Who ever said that you don't learn something new every day, is an idiot.

Whilst browsing YouTube, I found a set of FMV sequences from Final Fantasy VIII, the final sequence in one of the sets has the missiles that attack Balamb actually hit the Garden, causing it to blow up...

Has anyone seen this movie in the game? And what are the prerequisites of making it occur? I would assume that it would be by not adjusting the error ratio in Missile Base, however I am entirely unsure of that fact.

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Aug 18, 07 at 12:22pm

It puts my mind at ease, knowing that that's the way to do it. For a while there, I was thinking that it was just an additional movie thrown in for the fun of it, that was never really utilized.

But I guess it's somewhat similar to the train incident in Final Fantasy VII, where if you don't stop the train before it gets to North Corel you see an FMV of it destroying the town. Whereby, if you do stop it, the FMV will reflect that accordingly.

Aug 18, 07 at 12:01pm
Lone Warrior

Ah... That is how it's done then.

I think I've come across it once, but did not fully remember until now.

Good find there, that brings a final conclusion to the thread's question.

Aug 18, 07 at 11:49am

Ah, so the solution finally arises.

Granted, it's not something I would go out of my way to do.. it does look interesting...


Aug 17, 07 at 4:59am


I already knew about this but I forgot to do something since you decided to do things differently in that missile mission XD

Aug 16, 07 at 7:21pm

This happens when you screw up in the missile base. I remember this happened at Neto's house and he was all wtf?

Aug 16, 07 at 10:08am

Thats what i meant, if you dont use the control panel to set the error before you self destruct, but yeh thats the more detailed way i think XD

Aug 16, 07 at 9:02am

quote SquallyBalambGirl
check out the video!! It'll make you laugh sooo badly haha...
Hahah!! The video was so funny. I like the part where X-ATMO92 chases Squall and Fujin pushes Raijin into the water! The timing of the music made it funny! *lol

quote Balambgirl
It happens if you do not set the error ratio on the console
I have an alternate way of blowing up Balamb Garden. Maybe the same as BG said but still an alternate. Its much faster than BG's method (i think)

You can blow up the Garden from the Missile Base Team.

Steps on how to blow Balamb Garden to smeethereens:

-After the maintainance check (where you banged hard on the controls), two G-Soldiers will ask what happened. You will pick from the two answers ("What the hell.. Let's FIGHT them" or "Try to reason my way out"). Choose Fight them then defeat the two G-Soldiers.

-After you've defeated the two G-Soldiers, head directly to the Command Center (its where you'll find the self-destruct mechanism for the base). Ignore the control panel/console (its where the error ratio for the missiles are found).

-Inside the Command Center, you'll fight the three G-Soldiers.

-After defeating the G-soldiers, Selphie's team will look for the controls which tries to stop the missiles(first screen of Command Center)and the button for the self-destruct mechanism for the base(Second screen of Command Center). You can pick any timer for your escape but it won't be necessary since you won't have to fight the boss and you can just run at the door behind the self-destruct mechanism button.

-Just before you reach the screen where you normally fight BFG-blah blah, Selphie will say "I forgot about the control panel. We have to go back or else its all over". Just ignore that and proceed outside!

-You won't have to fight BFG-blah blah. Instead you'll have a front row seat to watching Balamb Garden being blown to smeethereens!! and.......

A GAME OVER screen..................*lol

Apr 13, 07 at 11:38pm

That's alright Matt . But really, check out the video!! It'll make you laugh sooo badly haha... hmmm.. i'll post the link again since its on the other page now


Apr 13, 07 at 3:40am

Oh, forgive me.

My bad.

Apr 13, 07 at 2:44am

nono.. its a different one Matt!! its a music video made by some other ppl... not the third one of this post XD..

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