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Jan 9, 07 at 3:36amzyrius

Hey guys! Here are just some few tips if you need help with the game. If you wish to clarify or fix something. Just post and i'll fix it. Thanks and hope this helps!

More tips coming soon!

>> Mettaur - Inspiration for the job classes to choose and most of these ideas came from him. xD
>> Cheathead - For such help and inspiraion too.
>> Zyrius - For writting this up xD LOL
>> People who give out suggestions - Without you guys, this guide will never be finished.

1. Harvesting Phoenix Downs:
Requirements: Level 20-30+ Thief
Location: Dragon's Peak
What-to-Do: When harvesting phoenix downs from rust birds, just use on character to steal the phoenix downs and the other characters just use guard. 5-8 turns will most likely make you aquire the phoenix down and level up all of your character's job level. So you're doing two things at once that will give you advantage in the game.

2. Training Job Level:
Requirements: Nothing necessary.
Location: Areas near Ur
What-to-Do: Just run around in circles until you get into a fight and just guard for 5-8 turns and kill the monster and you'll level up your jobs. This works very well for the later jobs if you wish to master them quick.

3. Job Suggestions:
Requirements: None
Locations: None
What-to-Do: Here are some jobs that would work for the game.

p.s. Don't complain about this as this is just a suggestion. I am not telling you to follow this. Any suggestions, say it. Complaints, keep it for yourself.

1st Crystal: Warrior/White Mage/Monk/Red Mage or Black Mage
2nd Crystal: Knight/White Mage/Thief/Black Mage or Geomancer
3rd Crystal: Dragoon/White Mage/Thief or Dark Knight/Geomancer or Evoker
4th Crystal: Dragoon or Black Belt/Devout or Sage/Ninja/Summoner
End Game: You decide.

quote PitLine810
4. Getting to Level 99:
Requirements: Party at least level 60
Locations: Crystal Tower, Eureka
What-to-Do: Go around as if you were leveling around any other place, but wait for the green, yellow, and red dragons to start appearing. IIRC, their levels are 60, 70, and 80, respectively. At frist, only go for the green dragons and run from the higher level ones, but these are the enemies that give you the most experience.
5. Train while an NPC is with you:
Requirements: NPC (Non-Playable-Character) example: Aria
Locations: Overworld - Anywhere you wish to train
What-to-Do: Want to get off into a fight easily or someone to aid you, well, training with NPCs will do the trick. Sometimes, randomly in the game when you are with a NPC, the NPC will cast something that will help you (example: Unei - Haste, Aria - Cura) that will make the battle easier. Sometimes too, they can also use magic or attack normally (example: Doga - Flare, Unei - Holy, Desch - Thundara). It makes the battle easier, quicker and it's preety cool too.

This message was edited by zyrius on Jan 08 2007.

This message was edited by zyrius on Jan 08 2007.

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Jan 20, 08 at 2:34am

Your party members will be the same lvl as you when you meet them so lvl up your character to a HIGHER lvl before you meet any of them. It will save up time for training!

Jan 7, 08 at 10:03pm

Don't bump threads from a couple of years ago.

Jan 7, 08 at 8:14pm

Don't think MP recharges with levels.

Jan 7, 08 at 7:47pm

no all he has to do is lvl up i think and it should go to what it used to be.

Jan 7, 08 at 6:44pm

If I remember correctly theres a room with some treasure in within the mansion, if you try interacting with some of it certain parts restore your hp and mp like wellsprings.

Jan 7, 08 at 6:22pm

sorry done it wrong its meant to be decreased to zero lol

Jan 7, 08 at 6:07pm

PLEASE HELP! im not a newb i just thought this was the best place to come, i have all the final fantasy games and completed all exept the newest one (12) and final fantasy 3....well heres my problem, well i was on the garuda boss and i thought''what if i change all my jobs to dragoon'' so i did and bought them all wind spears (10k each) bought 2 of them for each person. it worked! i won the battle so after that i changed all my jobs back to there normal state.. then i noticed all my mp had increased to zero and i cant use mini to get into the hole in dogas mansion!! please help!!

May 21, 07 at 3:57pm

exactly unless you werent payin atttention you should know that

May 18, 07 at 11:48pm

How can you not after that cutscene in the first dungeon?

May 18, 07 at 4:39pm

it's not obivious if you don't know about those healing and reviving pools

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