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Dec 23, 06 at 11:13ammegaman en m

read the title
oke i now many are gonna say faust but you can only say the bosses you MUST fight to complete the game
this include the divive dragoon spirit
so post away!
what me?
who do you think its the hardest boss
i think grand jewel
can't transform into a dragoon he lv downs me
damn strong attacks

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Aug 10, 14 at 9:09am

The big problem was Grand Jewel and a bit Divine Dragon Spirit, but I beat it easily second time as Dragoons using Special as Dart, his Final Burst makes a massive damage on Divine Dragon (Dragoon on level 5 and all party on level 37; Dart, Albert and Rose). Faust was easy, if I'd knew earlier that Rose's "Deamon's Dance" and Albert's "Flower Storm" on 5 level deal some serious damage on Faust, I wouldn't bend over backwards to earn more than 50000 gold to buy three Legend Casque and Armor of Legend. But now at least they're well stocked x3

Mar 28, 14 at 8:06am

My first run through, The Divine Dragon destroyed me. I had to learn how to actually play from this part instead of constantly messing up my skills, rather embarrassing really. My second play through, Faust was pretty hard. Kongol kept biting the dust cuz he's a big baddy.

Mar 24, 14 at 10:48pm

My second play thru in ten years using a phone emulator, I just finished the kammy wolf fight no deaths yet on bosses

Oct 28, 13 at 2:34pm

I played it when I was a kid and just recently found out that my friend had the game, so he gave it to me. So far, that was the hardest boss. I just got to Mayfill.

Oct 27, 13 at 7:23pm

quote Fabletear
For me, I would have to say that it was the one s.o.b in disk 2 that took the princess's place. I took 2 weeks off the game just to think of a stratagy!!!! Then when I had to face both her AND the dragon at the SAME TIME!!! That was unfair in my opinion.
Lenus? Yeah, she is the boss with the most newcomers under her kill score.

Oct 23, 13 at 2:08pm

For me, I would have to say that it was the one s.o.b in disk 2 that took the princess's place. I took 2 weeks off the game just to think of a stratagy!!!! Then when I had to face both her AND the dragon at the SAME TIME!!! That was unfair in my opinion.

Sep 11, 13 at 8:54pm

This is his very first playthrough, LOD-squa, which is making the experience more enjoyable to watch.

He had absolutely no problems with the first Lenus battle and Grand Jewel, but fell at the hands of the fifteen-year-old original Blue Sea Dragoon. Something different from the usual, I suppose.

Sep 11, 13 at 7:24pm

Did your friend just start playing LOD or is this just another run, Roxas?

Sep 9, 13 at 10:36pm

My friend got his first Game Over yesterday at the hands of Damia. Albert's Rose Storm wore off and he and Dart were vulnerable and got obliterated by Damia's Diamond Dust & Blue Sea Dragon while Rose was stuck in her Dragoon form for five turns, unable to bring them back to life. Rose eventually died as well. It was a hard-fought battle. He killed her on the second try.

Jul 10, 13 at 5:06pm

I found the game easy because I like to grind and get my additions maxed as soon as I get them. So I can say that with confidence that the following bosses are hard (for me at least).
No specific order.

Lenus first fight:
You can play the game normally and by now you would have won most boss fights with only a minor prob here and there. But when you get to Lenus, if you didn't stopped to do a little grinding, bought the latest equipment, came in with the right items and with the right party, you will lose the first fight at least. The game comes into a halt until you do so at worse.
If you come prepared, you either feel moderate difficulty or little difficulty.
I was in my second playthrough and I found it amazing that even if I was well beyond leveled and well equipped for every member in my party, I still lost only because I had the wrong guys for the fight, so I switch the two and I won.
It's true that any noob will find this fight hard mainly because it demands more than what you have at the moment compared to the rest of the fights. I think this is the case because I played without grinding in my fourth try and and it was hard, I played good, I knew what I had to bring (IT WAS MY FOURTH TIME), i didn't lose, but I could tell that it felt hard at the moment.

Grand Crystal:
I won this fight in my first try, BUT IT WAS HARD, I won it with Miranda (mind blown), everybody died but her and she delivered the finishing blow while everybody was taking a nap, it was a long fight. Anyways I'm not explaining, already did, lets just say that after that battle I felt more respect for Miranda.
This fight is trial and error, you will make mistakes and the next time you will avoid them, eventually losing as many times necessary until you understand how the fight goes down.
That is all, trial and error, I don't like this kind of fights, you know this is a boss so you go all out on it, when you go into dragoon form it says (LOL nope) and you get a whooping to the point that you rather restart and do it right.
And you need the right party and those guys must be up to date with their level.

Divine Dragon:
Same as before, just play it right, with the right guys.

That is all, I did not use any legend equipment, and the last boss was a peace of cake, even if you go standard on the guy, if you wan't to use the worse party for the fight all they need is a bit of grinding and they will be good to go.

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